The biggest collaboration video in War Thunder

This, to my knowledge is the biggest montage collaboration on Youtube. A little context: Some time ago the idea came about of gathering old pilots in the game to create the ultimate montage in some of the original planes that gave us reason to play this game. In this case, the mig 15 and 17 (more recently shenyang and lim5) These players have serious years in this game, backed up by the clips and kills you will see. The opportunity to bring together so many people with unique styles and takes doesn’t come around everyday and I hope you can all see this video as a product of time and dedication, anyone can do this - with enough time and persistence spent attempting to chase perfection, with a resistance to failure. The thumbnail is also drawn, clear to say there was no lack of effort put into the creation of this video. Maybe people can see this as a chance to bring more players together to create these videos, tying this unique community to something they can look back on, and appreciate what they could once do. I hope you all enjoy, and I hope I chose the right topic for this x) O7 all