The benefits of reworking the Event Star Discounts to GE Ratio

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[Event] Earn the Jaguar IS in the Sword of Justice Event! - News - War Thunder

With the NEW Fortnightly Events, i would also like to suggest a better version of the current Star Discount with GE Option, see below:-

Current Version (taken from the Jaguar Event - Link Above)

Discounts on purchasing stages using Golden Eagles
Unfinished stages can be purchased for Golden Eagles, but If you’re significantly close to completing a stage, its price will now be significantly reduced.

Let’s say you have earned 85% of the required mission points to complete a stage, then the price of purchasing this stage will be halved. If you’re near the finish line for a stage and are at 95% progress, then the price will be reduced by five times. For example, if you’ve scored 39,000 mission points, then the price for unlocking this stage will be 499 Golden Eagles. If you’ve scored 43,000 mission points, then you’ll only need to pay 199 Golden Eagles. Remember to keep this in mind if you cannot complete a stage on time!

New Version

Exciting News: You now have the opportunity to purchase the star at a discounted rate. This is fantastic, especially if you’re unable to complete it in one go. Here’s how the discounts work:

1 Zero Effort Completion: If you want to breeze through without any effort, it’ll cost you 1000GE.
2. 25% Progress: If you’ve completed 25% of the star, you can pay 750GE.
3. 50% Progress: At the halfway mark (50% completion), the price drops to 500GE.
4. 75% Progress: If you’ve made significant progress (75% completion), you’ll only need to pay 250GE.

Implementing this system could potentially increase the overall revenue while keeping players happier.

Going into Depth, the reasons why this is a good option for both Gaijin Entertainment and also the player base

First and foremost

Increased Revenue for Gaijin Entertainment:

  • Tiered Pricing: By offering different price points based on progress, Gaijin can cater to a wider audience. Players who want to complete the star effortlessly can pay a premium, while those who’ve made progress get discounts. This flexibility encourages more players to engage with the star system.
  • Monetization Opportunities: The discounted rates incentivize players to spend in-game currency (GE) to progress faster. This translates to more GE purchases, directly boosting revenue.
  • Urgency and Scarcity: Limited-time discounts create a sense of urgency. Players may be more likely to spend GE now rather than later, especially if they fear missing out on the deal.

Most importantly

Happier Player Base:

  • Time Management: Offering discounts for partial progress acknowledges that players have busy lives. They can choose to spend less time grinding and more time with family or other activities.
  • Reduced Frustration: Players who struggle with certain challenges may find relief in the option to buy progress. This reduces frustration and maintains a positive experience.
  • Fairness: The tiered pricing system treats players differently based on their progress, which feels fair. It rewards effort and provides an alternative for those who can’t commit extensive time.

Balancing Act:

  • Gaijin must strike a balance between revenue and player satisfaction. Too high prices may alienate players, while too low prices could impact revenue.
  • Regular communication about these discounts and their benefits is crucial. Transparency fosters trust and ensures players understand the value proposition.

In summary, this system aligns with both Gaijin’s financial goals and players’ needs. It encourages spending while respecting players’ time constraints, ultimately contributing to a healthier game ecosystem.

This is a great idea but alas i doubt it’ll be implemented.
Gaijin must’ve gotten a ton of concepts when implementing this and didnt do it your way and until there is some major backlash/ people stop buying tasks, it’ll stay that way.

Your reply is a valid one.

Given the current circumstances, I believe that implementing these changes is the right choice. However, it requires thoughtful consideration from Gaijin