The Benefits of adding 'minor' nation tech trees

What??? Clearly I’m not the OP here. Are you ok?

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Why are you making this about you then? Who are you ?

I’m not. Just read my first message, that’s why I’m here…

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I see you are the guy with who made the big Hungarian plane tree who got shitty with anybody who criticized it, from the other thread, I remember.

People said the same on that thread. Gaijin can’t be trusted to implement Minor nations and they are doing a good job of screwing up the big ones currently.

I see you have resorted to gaslighting. Go back to my post, and reread the conversation. We all thought you had lost it and nobody agreed with you.

Nobody other than you said that.

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This is because I don’t deem the inclusion of an F-16, Tornado adv, Harrier AV8B and a JA-39C in one singe tech tree a good idea. The Hungarian ‘mods’(read: translations of cockpit inscriptions) of soviet export equipment is fine, even a bit unbalanced in some game-modes. This is in terms of balance. The sub tree would be great for most of the modified planes and the unique props (I’m a big fan of the MÁVAG Héja I and II. Same for the RMI-8 X/V. The problem is that most Hungarian planes were not modified, save for the translation of text in the cockpit. The sub tree would be ca. 21/31 (68%) basically copy-paste with only cockpit translations and skins as a unique improvement. (This is not necessarily bad per sé, but would mean that Italy would become a secondary Germany in terms of game balance for air Sim.) Your suggestion would need to be tweaked a lot I think.

That’s because there are A lot of sub-tree suggestions. For a comprehensive and full list you should look at List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Other Nations Aircraft. I merely chose the ones that were on top of the suggestions-thread at the time. I could keep on adding other TTs like the polish and Turkish dudes asked, but I can’t be bothered, as they are already listed in the link I shared.

That’s very aggressive, why would I hate Hungary?


No you tried to flood Italy with a huge Hungarian tree and claim it was a subtree. Then you were very aggressive to those who said no. Weird post to be honest.

Generally you can be for minor nations in general while being against some of them


And that’s exactly why I tend to not vote ‘yes’ on tech trees that have more than 55% Copy-Paste in the suggestion. Most countries could come up with more than 10 unique planes, tanks or Boats for a Suggestion instead of having to resort to almost 70% using already existing planes in game (not even different variants or versions). These kinds of suggestions kind-of give a green light to Gaijin to just put more C&P in a TT just to reach the desired added vehicles per patch in the most efficient manner.

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The bad attitude all over

This was my point, every nation wants its nation to be included. The game is already bucking under the weight.

Under the weight of many different nations’ vehicles? I don’t think that’s the case, as can be read in the OP of this thread. Many nations would still be spread out, but that’s mostly because of how their political alliances changed from the 1930s until now.


The days of US vs Germany or Russia facing off in a great battle is now more like a parade day at a military museum with every type and nation just rolling around ,zero immersion or scop for imagination and I think many of WTs players liked that.



But is it any better?

I think it is

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Like I have said before in this exact thread, those days are long over now. If you want those kind of battles, please support World War events or that event of last week with the US planes vs Germans, as they are great to facilitate these kind of battles.


Your picture made me laugh, nice one :)

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The movie has finished, and the audience are leaving.

“Flood” Italy with a “huge Hungarian tree”? You mean I added one line (just like every single subtree) and 5 other aircraft into the Italian lines (all other subtrees have some vehicles in the main lines, just look at how many Finnish vehicles are in the Swedish lines).

You mean we found your stupid argument of “I have 2 Hungarian premium planes, so don’t add any more or it will destroy the game” ridiculous. Hmm, very aggressive, right?

Yep, subtree suggestions are the weirdest posts ever… so weird how anyone would suggest a subtree… not.


Time for the younger and more open-minded audience to come in.