The Barak II and its turning performance against the F-16C

Dear experts on the matter, I’ve been curious about the turning performance of the Barak II. On the statcard, it is listed as a minimum of 22 seconds, which is 3 whole seconds lower for what is pretty much the same airframe as the F-16C.

Now I am aware that this is a Block 40 not 50, so I’ve been curious if there is a difference in avionics. But I think the 2nd seat and the dorsel spine can not warrant such a big decrease in turning performance, especially since the engine is tuned to output a bit more thrust than on the F-16C, right?

So if anyone could clear this up for me, I’d be very grateful.


block 40 16D is a little heavier by 50-100kg but main reason is the engine is the F110-GE-100 instead of GE-129 so its a lot less powerful

First off, the stat card numbers are completely arbitrary unless in very VERY specific situations which, to be honest, never really come into play in actual games.
The 22 vs 25s turn time should not matter all that much, the only difference between the two planes is that the Barak 2 is slightly heavier due to the spine and second cockpit which just makes it bleed more speed, that’s why it might look like it turns in faster.
It’s all down go the player at the end of the day, if you know you just know.

Indeed. But in reality I can still kick the as* of SU-27, Mig-29 and F-16C. So, all good ;-)

At the moment we get Sufa things will change again

can’t wait for people to say shalom to some shiny new Python 4s

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