The ASM-N-2 Bat, self guiding Anti-ship Glide bomb.

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Hello, Thanks for taking the time to look at this suggestion.

I wanted to talk about and suggest the ASM-N-2 Bat, there were two major variants of the bomb, Dragon which was a TV guided version, for which an operator would use the TV image sent from the nose of the weapon and operate aerodynamic controls during the weapon’s fall.(Note that I’m unable to find any info on the Dragon variant, it may have only been a proposal.) The Second version that I want to recommend mainly is the Pelican variant. This variant was developed in June 1942, however would not be declared combat ready until January 1945, where it remained until retirement in the early 1950’s. The Military designated it as Bomb MK 57, but this was soon changed to SWOD MK 9. It is quite important to note that the Radar used is very early and was easily overcome but simple counter measures, and could be confused by other ships or land masses. There were about 3000 of these “Missiles” produced until the end of World War II most being used against Japanese Shipping vessels. Noted that while these are referred to as missiles they have no way to provide their own energy, unlike the Fritz-X Bomb seen in game, and sources tend to refer to it as both a bomb and missile. However these missiles unlike the Fritz-X Bomb do not require the launch platform to remain in the area.These bombs were mainly used on the PB4Y-2 Privateer long-range patrol bombers, but there are images showing the Grumman TBM, Vought F4U-1D Corsair, and the SB2C carrying and dropping the weapon see the below images… (note it is also mentioned to be used on the P-2 Neptune but i could only find it with more modern munitions.)

BAT-PB4Y-wingbat.jpg File:SB2C dropping ASM-N-2 guided bomb 1946.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

File:Grumman TBM Avenger in flight with ASM-N-2 Bat missile.jpg

Here is the Bat attached to the PB4Y-2, Grumman TBM, SB2C, and F4U-1D.

The Data given about the ASM-N-2 is as follows

Length 3.63 m (11 ft 11 in)
Wingspan 3.05 m (10 ft)
Weight 850 kg (1880 lb)
Speed 480 km/h (300 mph)
Ceiling (max. launch) 8000 m (5 miles)
Range 32 km (20 miles) (Theoretical.)
Propulsion none
Warhead 450 kg (1000 lb) general-purpose bomb

Note there is also an ASM-N-2A, however none of my sources were able to clarify the difference in this version, as such ill only note it here.

Here is a Video showing very briefly the bomb in action.

Sources for this information is:

Note a 4th source i found was however as it is an archived article, on the way back machine, and is not up on the site itself any longer I chose not to post it.


Since top tier ships have very good AA batteries, this bomb seems to be a perfect addition to the game.


I feel like this has to come! +1

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Honestly more things like this would be cool, like adding very early air to air missles to planes that could carry them, considering how bad they were

What is interesting about these flying bomb is that we find equivalents not only in Germany but also in less popular countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom and France.
It is also a technology that would benefit from being developed in games in the years to come. Especially since the experience with the KI 148 demonstrated that these bombs were very far from being OP and require a certain level of play, especially since the carrier plane becomes vulnerable during the dropping operation.

ingame your pretty vulnerable when you launch them too arent you? since your controlling the bomb

No it would be a fire and forget, the way I would it it being implemented, is Either the TV guided version, and would work like Mavericks or walleyes, or the Radar guided version which would require the vehicle to use special radar track modes to lock the traget and the missile would use the lock to guide to the target.

+1, alongside the AZON, I’d love to see some US WW2 PGM representation!

Sorry for responding so late.
First :Fire and Forget in WWII, so I learned something on this forum, thank you for clarifying.
On the other hand, if it can be countered in naval battle by the AA of high-ranking ships (and even the ships designed before and during the First World War risk having a bad time) I wonder about the validity of this implementation in ground battle…
So historically this bomb has never been used against tanks, but that does not mean that in games players will limit themselves only to naval targets with such a weapon.
In the end, I fear that this weapon would be too unbalanced if players were to use it in ground battles. Already at high ranks the Fire and Forget system is broken, no need to ruin the intermediate ranks.
To conclude I would be ok to add this bomb in naval battles but I would prohibit it for tank battles.
In this game bombs like the Azon mentioned above, the GB1, the Republic Ford JB-2 or even one of the first Gorgon would in my opinion be more appropriate

While I use the Maverick as an example, it would be like comparing the prototype guided rockets to the AIM 9, sure they do the same thing, but the quality is so poor on the former that the difference is massive, these bombs could only reliably hit large targets, due to their large silhouettes over a largely empty space (The Water), when viewed in black and white. The Seeker is not Sensitive enough to detect and continuously trace ground vehicles, with any kind of reliably. the Ground clutter would likely confuse the bomb and lose the bombs tracing sensor.

And forget using the Radar version for anti ground, The radar is very primitive to modern air to ground radar’s. This bomb cannot be used against ground vehicles, at least in a guided manner, you could Technically dumb bomb it as a glide, but at that point just take standard bombs.

Круто, в игру )

It could probably be used to bomb bases in air battles. IRL I’m pretty sure it was able to lock onto large fixed targets like bridges. For whatever that’s worth.

I would really really like to see it added. I know NF forces aren´t a priority but it would be so nice for nations to get some stand of weaponry. Germany already has Fritz-X so I would really like to see other kinds of weaponry like the Bat.

The AA of later war cruiser and BBs makes most of attacks basically suicide so this would be very nice to have.

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