The ariete needs to be fixed, either in armor or BR

The Ariete is the worst top tier tank in the entire game by a wide margin and it needs to be fixed. If gaijin doesn’t care about the countless sources about its armor and armor packages, then they should at least lower its BR.

Currently the AMV sits at the same BR as the SEP V2 or the Leo 2A7 (11.7) while the regular Ariete/PSO sit just below that at 11.3. All while having a worse round, worse reload, worse gun handling, worse optics, worse mobility (except for AMV), no armor, no blow out panels, no spall liner…

I’m aware the Ariete is an inferior tank IRL compared to those, I’m not expecting it to become equivalent, that’s why we have the BR system in the first place. Move down the Arietes to a BR where they can face comparable opponents. I would prefer a more realistic interpretation of the armor (instead of the current 5.5 tons of anti-KE WAR kit providing 20mm of protection) but if that won’t be done, then at least changing the BR will give some breathing space to it.


Yes, the situation with 5.5 t of heavy air is ridiculous + how they are trying to justify that high br by the addition of DM53. Bug report about armor is acknowledged and they were mentioned Ariete spall liners being in works, so maybe eventually we will see some fix, though idk how long it will take. If WAR gets added to AMV prototype with a fix of protection parameters, then it can be more or less adequate for 11.7 br, on the other hand I guess until more players join the Italian TT, we won’t see any attention from devs, that’s why I think we need 2A7HU asap.
PS “Buy RGO now” - Gaijin.

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Knowing gaijin and how they use stats they prob won’t because of Italy’s high win rate rn.

Tho the Hungarian 2a7 is in the future of the Italian tt.

Honestly since they showed they don’t care about br or balance put the arriete with dm53 on 10.0 its not as bad as the obj 292 on the same br

It really needs a buff.

Agreed, been a while since i’ve last seen an ariete at top tier (i wonder why)



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Unfortunately as they are the C1 Ariete you have to consider them as “light vehicles” and should play them as such. When they will be fixed I don’t know, but it will always be too late.

If the Italian TT has to wait for the addition of the Hungarian Leopard 2A7 to be competitive, it means that “someone” doesn’t consider this TT at all.

I mean are you surprised. It’s Italy. Almost no one plays it.

Most players rely on the thickness of tank armor, so it is natural that the Italian TT is rarely played.

Mainly because most people played the famous vehicles. Like Leo’s, abrams, t-90s.

Not only are they the most famous but they are also the most armored, so what hope can Italy have?

A good start for update could have been a 5 second reload but atleast we got new engine sounds right?

5s reload dm53 sounds scary af

not so much tbh
5 sec reload brings you nothing if you dont hit them first