The arab league ground forces tech tree

Another vehicle that can be added or the very least considered is the M60 Marksman (self explanatory)

There isn’t a large amount of info on it other than the Saudi Arabian Army did trials on the M60 Marksman



The m22 locust photo is from kibutz negba in israel.
The photo of the hotchkiss is from Kibbutz Degania alef.
Some of the tanks here are from the Yad Lashiryon museum in Israel.

And why would you get the Merkava 3?!

In any case, I do support the tree if they add rank 1 to 3 to Israel

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There are 1 or 2 vehicles that I would like to see in the game otherwise the rest is C&P. Some could appear as premium or squadron vehicles. Otherwise I’m against the tree.

Really ?

As a Moroccan it’s definitely a YES.

I can help for the documents of all the Arab Maghreb Union’s forces.

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1+ people complain a lot about the Arab tree being repetitive but c’mon you have the CN tree which while fun is mostly copy paste and the IL tree doesn’t even begin at rank one (which Arabs can) and is a mostly copy paste up until top tier and arabs do have many unique vehicles for example the Jordan TARIQ Falcon1 and the UAE’s OTOKAR AL-JASSOR which was made in cooperation with the Turkish OTOKAR specifically for the UAE and although it might seem mostly copy paste (which to some extent it is) if you just dig deep enough you can definitely find unique vehicles from the Arab nations which fyi stretch way further than just the middle east and my idea for this tree would be to split it up vertically where different regions/areas get their own line where although you can research for ex: a Jordanian vehicle with gulf vehicles there will be many limitations (rank/amount of exp/etx…)

These are the arab countries fyi


Copy paste itself isn’t the issue, it’s that even the unique modifications and domestic vehicles aren’t plentiful or different enough to warrant an independent tree.
The few that are interesting and worthwhile could more easily be put into pre-existing or some other future trees.
The mentioned Jordanian Tariq could simply be put in UK for example.

Not only that, but in order to create this sub-par tree you would have to put together more countries than people have fingers. It’s very incoherent and the countries involved bicker amongst each other more than they work together (militarily speaking).
The irl Arab-League isn’t really a solid excuse for these countries to be stuck into a tree.
Yes, nonsensical additions such as Hungarian sub-tree in Italy exist, but bad examples shouldn’t be the bar taken.

In regards to the comment on Israel not beginning at rank I: they could. And likely with more flavor than the Arabs (at least for the ground portion).
Gaijin simply weighed their options and decided it wouldn’t be a worthwhile inclusion. Why would you think the arguably less fruitful low tiers for this conglomiration would get passed? There is no incentive for it.

On the Chinese comment: China on it’s own would still provide less copy paste than all these Arab countries combined.
China is and has been receiving unique additions consistently for years and are now a fair and fleshed put ground tree while also (though slowly) expanding uniqueness in aviation.
Let’s not forget that Chinese potential is sunstantially higher than the majority of countries already in game.

More unique options that would also be more concentrated than the Arab-League tree also exist: notably Czechoslovakia, Poland, Switzerland, the Koreas and Yugoslavia.
Arguments for others exist also, but I think these mentioned ones would generally draw agreement to my previous statement without a big discussion.


What does it have to do in regards to balance lmao israel being in war thunder doesnt make the game for you “unalanced”.