The AMX A1A doesn´t deserve a BR of 10.7/11.0

So, before any conclusion only by the title, allow me to elaborate

The AMX ghibli and the AMX A1A have different battle ratings, with the italian aircraft at 10.3/10.7 for air and ground battles respectively, while the brazilian one has a BR of 10.7 and 11.0.
The differences between the two for air combat are only the cannons (Vulcan for italian and DEFAs for brazilian) and the IR missiles (AIM-9L vs MAA-1), and the differences in ordnance are that AMX has bigger Laser guided bombs (paveways) and the A1A has smaller lizard ones. Unguided weapons vary too but those do not affect BR decision.

Where do I want to get here?
Well, as you can see, the premium AMX can be considered a sidegrade to the tech tree version, with the MAA-1 being the reason for the BR increase I do believe. It happens though that the MAA-1 is not as powerful as the statcard may appear;
45G at 3.5M and 40s guidance may seem a lot, but the flare resistance is so low that even random missiles on the battlefield attract the MAA-1s seeker better than the enemies engine. Also the speed and turning capabilities do not appear to match the Magic 1 missiles currently in game with similar stats.

My solution to the problem might come in 3 categories:
1 - Decrease the AMX A1A´s BR from 10.7/11.0 to match the tech tree version at 10.3/10.7 and leave it exactly as it is.
2- Improve the MAA-1s characteristics to match the statcard and mantain the BR as it is.
3- Give these attackers airspawn since they are subsonic and mantain all things as they are.

If you agree or disagree please let me know and if there are better suggestions I will be willing to hear them.


Would be on board for the opposite of this, moving the 10.3 AMX to 10.7 just to keep the all-aspect missiles out of 9.3.

The attack aircraft does not need to be viable in air combat. Attackers’ missiles are for self-defence, not to create a 3km death bubble around you. Same reason everyone wants A-10, A-6E, Su-25K moved up.

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