The amount of crying cheaters in the tech topics show how good wt devs and mods are doing

This make me verry happy to see that devs and mods are still so involved. Good jobs guys


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You can lie to me but this is not real. You’re a Gaijin intern!!11

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Lmao i’m not buddy. thx for the tip.
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one word: yep

What are you talking about?

((Don’t say nothing he’s going to tell Stona))

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again, what are you talking about? nothing you are saying makes any sense in context to this thread.

I’m just joking about the guy stating what I quoted on my first reply.

Good? No, banning cheaters is easy.

Depending on what kind of cheat.

And if the guy cheating knows he’s begin watched by moderators or people wanting to find and report cheaters will try to undercover this fact, but in case of War Thunder doesn’t seems to be common between cheaters, obviously a small portion of these actually try to undercover,

And if they could hide it successfully, they can evade one or two banwaves at most. As players I’d like to have more mechanics to prevent cheaters but EAC is one of the worst options as Anti Cheat engine,

Or are you going to say that those games featured in page doesn’t have any kind of cheating? Any game have but the case of EAC is crazy.

And in the case of War Thunder is complicated, as the game has this conflictual code? What I mean is, in any update they make, there’ll be a bug somewhere else that takes weeks or months to be fixed, and implementing some radical anti cheating code or mechanic like check for player’s HUD or some crazy thing like that would break some code in the game causing more bugs or some unfair random banning.

Watching cheaters cry and panic over getting banned makes me so happy lol.

OP if u think these guys r doing good wait till u hear about our god and savior Kal ( the lone tf2 dev)

Gaijin is actually pretty bad at combatting botters and cheaters, thats why their numbers always remain the same. Neither EAC nor Viking works, the only reliable way of removing them is if players report them.

Cheating is epidemic.
There are hundreds, even thousands RMT accounts on online retail platform. Purchase one premium, then rage hack to get whole tech tree in 3 days, then sell it at low low price.
Even ESP dealers give away 10.0+ accounts for free as long as you buy one week ESP from them. If Gaijin never ban the machines, this game will be dead pretty soon.
There are more cheaters, RMT and bots in game than legit players.

Those crying babies are new comers in cheating community, now they learned the lesson, they will buy new accounts and pretend legit more often.