The AIM-54 Phoenix missile - Technology, History and Performance

I find the opposite is true.

@Gunjob any idea if missile thrust is modified by atmospheric pressure in-game?

I’m personally not sure it is, I know drag varies, but I think thrust is modelled as a constant atm, and I believe it might be a reason why we see such wacky thrust/drag coefficients in-game as the devs try to make a missile fit certain known launch params, leading to over/underperformance in other areas base on what specific launch parameters are picked…

As far as I know, the thrust of a solid fuel rocket engine does not depend on atmospheric pressure.And it depends on the pressure in the combustion chamber and the temperature of the fuel itself. Ie, the colder the lower the thrust, but the longer gorenje

It’s all wrong. This is for the MiG-29B. You need to read the manual for the rocket.

Thats wrong, thrust most definitely does depend on atmospheric pressure and I literally covered that multiple times in this thread.

Yes, I checked, it affects the so-called expansion of gases at the nozzle section. Which in turn affects the rate of gas outflow.Most likely, this is not modeled in WT, too many variables need to be considered

Not a clue sorry.

I mean, a pretty rudimentary way to implement it is literally just a modifier base on the difference in ambient pressure, seeing as thats the primary factor of change. This is already done with different map temperatures in-game, as colder air is denser and increases drag, which can be seen visually when comparing the same shells drop fired on 2 different maps…

Its not all that complex to implement.

It would be a bit rudimentary but it definitely could work. Theoretically they would just need to assign 2 coefficients (one for exhaust gas pressure and one for area), as, as you have said, we already have air density and pressure modeled in game

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R27works the same for all planes, the R27 will not be magically be different for another plane. It doesn’t make different calculations. Another document talked about the guidance of the R27ER and it basically the same to how its on themig 29B-R-27R. Авиационные управляемые ракеты К-27 и К-27Э
I still need to deeply read the R27 section.

Yes, the R-27 works the same way on all planes in the same way.That’s just you’re reading the manual for the СУВ МиГ-29Б, and not for the R-27 rocket

Do you have the R-27 manual?


The Matra R511 almost certainly utilised (and required) bank-to-turn to fly


(Mind the google translate text)

Twist to steer is similar to bank to turn, but is fundamentally different. Bank to turn is about banking the missile to keep the target’s direction of movement perfectly aligned between two sets of missile fins, so that both sets of fins provide lift, increasing g pull.

The R.511 is a twist to steer missile which means it only has one set of fins (see below), so has to roll to the appropriate angle then deflect the fins in order to be able to turn at all.

So now we’re reduced to flagging posts pointing out legitimate problems with the phoenix and getting away with that level of toxicity. RIP the F-14B forever, I guess. How classy.


I don’t see how this comment is anything but inflammatory, it’s certainly not relevant or on topic.
I am curious though, what legitimate issue are you discussing? What post? If it wasn’t properly reported nothing will come of it. These threads don’t do anything but help people discuss issues so that it CAN be reported.

This might surprise you, my good sir, but your gut feeling is not actually grounds to dismiss reports about missile tracking at low altitude (that I know you’ve read), tracking rate (that I know you have read), top speed (literally in this thread right here, which I know you check at least daily.)

I think I found who’s frivolously flagging the posts in here.


I’m not dismissing anything. I haven’t been flagging posts in this thread at all, nor did I say anything about those reports. I asked you to link whichever issues you are claiming were flagged or reported. I’ve not seen these reports.

If it hasn’t been properly reported, there isn’t room to complain about it not being fixed.

I find it hard to believe a permanent fixture to this forum such as yourself hasn’t located the search function in the top right. I quite enjoy it. I’ve learned a lot about the AIM-54 thanks to it.