The AIM-120 'AMRAAM' - History, Design, Performance & Discussion

dont read Luas, test it ingame. exact weapon data is not visible to the public in DCS
the picture is a bit older but should fit

This shows 40+ G the same way I can show 16+G in the MiG-29 in DCS. It is showing more than just the lateral overload of the missile.

A 30G missile in combined plane + rolling moments can easily peak at 45G. The lateral overload limit is still too low, at 30G. It should be 35G and maneuver in combined plane only with a maximum pitch of 50G.

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test it out maybe you can manage 50G

I don’t have the game installed. Also, no thanks. It’s not necessary. The code shows a 30G lateral limitation, this is incorrect. If it can sometimes exceed this it doesn’t matter, it was improperly modeled to begin with.

If there is a method of measuring only lateral load, that would be more precise.

yes for a small moment then the wings also break.

Maybe I can show it with Tacview

and as I said the correct ones are not all visible, they may still be leftovers

No, they don’t.


Then I’ll have to test it again, they just broke off ingame.

In any case, the aim120 can pull over 30g for a while without any problems - that’s not just a peak.

I may be wrong, so I will check it again

As I said, the correct detailed values are not available. What we see in the Luas is not everything and could already be out of date

So where does the missile derive its’ performance from? What data?

These are not visible to the public.
DCS hid the exact weapon values years ago for reasons. Which makes modding more difficult. This is why 3rd parties can only develop their weapons to a limited extent and then with the help of ED

To find out the performance you have to test it ingame or use tacview to analyze it.

How is something like that hidden?

Would you mind testing the AIM-54 in DCS? I’m curious how much overload that missile has in comparison to War Thunder as well.

Today I did another Aim-120 test and something has changed.

but here you can see how the Aim-120 pulls over 30G, if the test conditions are not sufficient tell me I will adjust it otherwise
and is that what you mean or does that still count as a “peak”?

How much G can the AIm-54 pull in WT and how much should it pull?
but I can also test it again in DCS

Aim120.rar (16.0 KB)

I don’t know how to use that program to view the file.
War Thunder’s AIM-54A with mk47 motor pulls 17G, should be 22-23G.

Here is just very easy to use, download install play file.

I wish I could do the same for Warthunder.

Otherwise I will make a video later

Reddit Aim-120 Leak

Well. It actually looks pretty legitimate with the camera pan even if the missile model looks inaccurate and others are desperately trying to dismiss that it’s most likely a fake user-made custom loadout.

I guess the era of close-medium-range air combat is now officially gone for good.

It was fun with the R-27ER/ETs while it lasted.

ER still beats the AMRAAM on target, and the launcher can still switch to TWS and hard-lock in the last bit.

I think it’ll still be a very competitive missile
(Also ARH missiles are going to have the same multipathing BS as every other radar missile so short range is still very much going to be a thing)

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Not yet, gaijin still refuses to remove or reduce the excessive multipath ingame, so its still baby mode radar combat for morons. AIM-120’s wont change that

There is a significantly higher chance of the missile hitting from directly top-down. The lofting code, and the maneuverability of the AIM-120 would make this much easier for those slinging the AMRAAM than any SARH.

The exception would be to sling the R-27ER up and make it artificially loft towards the oncoming target.

If it works anything like how Hellfire’s lofting is currently, it’s not coming down anywhere near vertically.

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