The actual Realistic Cockpit for the F-4E

Can we PLEASE get the Actual F-4E cockpit?


geez the video hasn’t been out for 24 hours and already a complaint

Gaijin simply refuses to update any parts of US aircraft. the F-4E came into the game 3 years ago and still hasnt been updated.


I know but complaining won’t help I put on the forum that some f4 are missing EFS even though its modeled in the cockpit

what is EFS?

Emergency Fire Suppression

Its frankly amazing how much better the heatblur everything is in the case of the F-4E, its not even a contest.

I do hope this lights a fire under gaijin and pushes them to actually improve the F-4E.


Is that a screenshot from DCS? Oh christ lmao


i hope it does to

We still have the same copy-paste cockpits for every single F-86 Sabre in the game since 2013 lol.
As much as I’m dying to see new and updated cockpits. It just doesn’t seem like it’s on the top of their priority list, unfortunately.

Also, new afterburner flame effects, please!


The F-4E is an utter mess my man. Don’t forget, they were planning on removing the Agile Eagle slats shortly after the plane came out. They didn’t even know what block model they wanted the aircraft to be. Lel.

Frankly, if they fixed the airframe more, and gave the F-4E proper altitude filtering with it’s radar, and a RIO that behaves like an HMD, I’ll be happy for the most part. But I’d want TISEO the most…


Guess what the F-4F ICE is getting
… its actual Cockpit

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Come on gaijin pretty please 🙏 😫 😢


Its amazing how superior the DCS F-4E is, the quality is night and day.

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