The 9A35 Strela needs to go up

In what way is the Strela a worse vehicle to those like the stormer or the Roland?

Please, I challenge you to give me any good reasons why this is a 9.3 SPAA.


the rolands are just so bad lol, you can’t hit anything, but one someone is in range the strela is death

I absolutely agree, as someone who plays the strela and loves it, I kinda want it to go up because it’s just so unfair at 9.3
it’s objectively better than some 10.3 SPAA because of how difficult it is to dodge the missile. Sure it CAN be done but only if you’re in the right plane and if it’s front aspect. rear aspect? you’d have to go mach 2 to escape it.


If the stromer was really as effective as strela…
Worse, but the br is higher)))

OFC strela will not be nerved, ist a ruZZian tank…

Its a propaganda game, what do we expect?!

A tank without active radar is the best AA in AB.
Just such a joke.