That br changes where no world war 2 era should meet the cold era

why is every game at 6.3 and 6.7 uptier? gaijin changed the br so the world war 2 era doesnt meet the cold era tanks but where - every single game at 6.7 is at 7.3 or 7.7 russia even has an spaa with radar there how am i supposed to play vs that with a prop plane. the whole point of that update br changing happened because of this and now its not even there i played whole week with russia at 6.7 and french at 6.7 every single game was at 7.3 and 7.7

unfortunately, Gaijins sheer incompetence allows this. You will always be in some form of uptier, there will (most of the time) be 4 players at a higher BR (and no more, although I have found this not to be the case as I most definitely have had more than 4). This should not be a thing, at all, because by default you will be playing at a higher BR, regardless, but gaijin being the useless turds they are should balance this with the same BR and lower BR matchmaking. My matches are 90% uptier, which is incredibly frustrating, especially with stock vehicles and the grind ETC. Gaijin have majorly fucked up with this system in my opinion as it has been this way for years. I don’t believe, with the increase in players uptiers should be an issue. There is no sense to it. But alas, this smoke and mirror with the road map will continue. They will give a scrap with the left hand and take a chunk with the right hand.


that roadmap is also a scam i made a post before about how is most of my games limited to 10k PR per game and now with those skill bonuses its exacly the same how is 100% of 7000 = 1600