Textures acting up in a weird way with lighting

After my analysis the issue in question only occures in Leopard 2a5 and 2a6 I’ve tried every method I can think of but to no avail. On the test ground I’ve tested the vehicle and whichever part is getting a lightsource in the map it looks like the first picture where there’s no issue at all. But the other side gets the buggy shadow just like on the second picture. Here’s a Q&A about what I’ve done so far while attempting to fix the problem

1- Have I’ve verified the file integrity?
2- Have you deleted some local files in the game to see if that would fix the problem? (Like insides of the cache folder etc.)
YES (didn’t fixed it at all)
3- Have you updated the drivers?
4- Does any other vehicle in the game have the same issue?
Not to my knowledge (I haven’t seen any while I was checking for others)
5- Have you tinkered around the GPU settings in order to fix the issue?
Yes but it did not worked
6- Have you tried changing graphic settings?
Yes but didn’t fixed the problem (Even deleted and reinstalled hi res texture pack dlc’s and still didn’t fix the problem)
My system specs are :
CPU: I5 12450H
GPU: RTX 4050 (Laptop GPU)

From this side everything (Textures Lighting etc.) looks fine

When we see things from here though it gets all janky as you can see (Hope you’ve noticed the blakckened areas are all unnatural and makes it look like a texture bug)

Any help would be Appriciated…


  1. is it a custom skin for the vehicle?
  2. have you tried completely uninstalling the game and reinstalling it?

It occurs in normal and custom skin I haven’t tried to reinstall the game entirely but I’m sure it won’t fix the issue (Will try it when there is literally no option left tho)