Tenacity-Class fast patrol craft, HMS Tenacity (P276)

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Tenacity-Class fast patrol craft, HMS Tenacity (P276)

Fast Patrol Craft (Tenacity class 44ft) HMS Tenacity

Design and service history:

Built as a singleton vessel at Vosper Thornycroft’s Camber yard in Portsmouth as part of an experimental private venture for a heavily armed fast patrol boat for export between 1967-1969, she initially failed to find a buyer, until being aquired by the Royal Navy in 1972. The ship was initially used for technology demonstrations for multiple navies, though initially the Royal navy showed no interest in the vessel, until she was chartered twice in 1970 to take part in NATO excersises. Even so,the initial design for a heavy armament was never fitted though, as the twin 35mm mounting and quad sea wolf SSMs missiles were deemed excessive by the admiralty for what they intended to use her for. The Navy’s intent for the ship was instead to serve in fishery protection duties, and for this role, they equipt her with a pair of light machineguns, along with a latice mast and a pair of davits for handling inflatable dinghies infront of the bridge. Her armament was later increased with the addition of a 40mm Bofors gun on the forecastle.

The ship entered service as HMS “Tenacity” (P276) in 1972 after being modified by Vosper for her new role, giving her a displacement of 165 tons under standard condition and 220 under full load. Her dimensions were 144 feet long with a beam of 26 and a draft of 7 feet, powered by a trio of Proteus gas turbines supported by a pair of Paxman ventura diesel engines, giving her a top speed of 40 knots. Tenacity would serve until 1985, when she was removed from service and sold to a civilian buyer, where she was intended to be used as a private yacht. Unfortunately a chemical spill contaminated the hull, and she was ultimately scrapped in the early 2000s.


Displacement standard: 165 t

Displacement full: 220t

Length 44.0 m

Breadth: 8.10m

Draught: 2.40 m

No of shafts: 3

Machinery: CODOG: 3 Rolls-Royce Proteus gas turbines / 2 Paxman Ventura cruising diesels

Power: 12750 / 1200 hp

Max speed: 40kts/ 46 mph

Endurance: 2500 nautical miles at 15 knots

Armament: 1 x1 40/60 Mk 9 40mm cannon

2 x 1 - 7.6mm GPMG

Electronic equipment: nav. radar

Complement: 32 officers and ratings

Historical Photos:

Photo showing HMS Tenacity after 1978 when she was fitted with the 40/60 Mk 9 40mm bofors gun:

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Photo showing HMS Tenacity during her early service:

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A group of photos showing Tenacity in her intimidating wooden mock-up form, equipt with four sea wolf missiles and a twin 35mm gun on the bow, unfortunately these weapons were never fitted on the vessel:

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