Tell me how do i play 11.0 - 12.0

Help me I’ve just unlocked the JA37C i keep getting sniped by radar missiles if i gain altitude and get swarmed if i stay low to the ground with my team.


Help me

Don’t gain altitude. Since you seem to be inexperienced with the br its safe to assume you will just get sniped by PD SARHs. Stay low and stick with your team. At 11.0 the C Viggen is a great plane in terms of both flight performance and radar.

Use your IR missiles on unsuspecting opponents. They turn very well but don’t have too much range so try to use them within <2.3km.

Your SARH missiles are mediocre but if you launch them properly, they are still very competent. Try to use them on enemies that are at altitude as that is when SARH missiles perform best.

Good Luck :D

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