Technical Moderators are recruiting! [CLOSED]


Technical Moderators are recruiting!

Are you a dedicated and keen pilot, tanker or captain seeking to help aid the War Thunder Project?

The Technical team is currently looking for new recruits willing and eager to help improve the game and contribute to the Community Bug Report Site and Historical report areas.

Perhaps you have a wealth of experience with US tanks? Are you proficient with Mac, an expert on Japanese aircraft, Ammunition types or just want to help forward bug reports from the community, Technical Moderation may very well be just the place for you no matter what your area of interest or preferred platform.

Tech Mods are primarily involved in bug reports and technical support for the community; as a Tech Mod you are an important link between the game community and development, passing along any identified problems so they may be fixed in a timely manner. Testing and replicating possible issues and validating reports on both production and development servers is a key part of the Technical role.

Keys areas of interest we are currently looking for with a higher priority:

  • A Mac platform user
  • Someone who actively follows social media such as Reddit, Youtube etc (to report issues)
  • A Playstation 4/5 user
  • An Xbox user


  • Good knowledge and understanding of the game and its mechanics as well as being active players in the game and in the Community.
  • A positive connection to the game as well as a desire to make the game better.
  • An active forum posting history of reports and/or active on the community bug reporting site - Previous bug reports submitted will also be extremely helpful.
  • An ability to work in an international volunteer team, sociable, and able to communicate on various communication platforms.
  • Availability to commit time weekly to testing and the reproduction of issues, when required.
  • Generally sound technical knowledge as well as any previous technical experience.
  • Solid proficiency in both spoken and written English.
  • Must be over 18 years of age and able to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as well as being a trustworthy and responsible individual.

What would also benefit:

  • Additional technical knowledge of Windows, Linux, Xbox, Playstation 4 or Mac
  • Any additional languages spoken would be a bonus (German, Polish, Japanese, Korean, ect.)
  • Regularly view Reddit / other social medias to check for issues to be reported.

Your role may also include being involved in Suggestions and Community Technical Support depending on your preference and abilities.

Day to day tasks and responsibilities of a Technical Moderator:

  1. Addressing and Dealing with reports on the community bug reporting site and historical issues in the forum
  2. Forwarding any viable issues and bugs to the devs via an In house bug tracker
  3. Answering and addressing any queries, issues or problems in Community Technical Support.
  4. Assisting in the testing and replication of any issues with fellow Technical Team members at the direction of Seniors or Administration/CM.
  5. Provide technical assistance during Public Dev Server tests both on the forum and in game.
  6. Testing and replicating bugs raised by the community and your own initiative.
  7. Review and test all changes in any given update and monitor all news and feedback threads/topics for any additional issues being brought up that need highlighting or forwarding.

Please contact Smin1080p with your application telling us a bit about yourself and why you think you would be a great Tech Mod! Please title all application PM’s “Technical Moderator - Application [Your Game Name]”.

Please include:

  • Why you wish to join
  • A link to your CBR profile (for report history)
  • Previous experience
  • What platforms you have access too
  • General background with the game and forum
  • Previous bug reporting history

Thank you to everyone that applied. Applications are now closed.

We would like to announce that the following members will be joining the team:

If you were not successful this time, please don’t be disheartened. We open recruitment regularly and will revaluate previous submissions in the future too.