Tech Tree / Sale Help

I’m a solid 1,400 hours into the game, with a large majority of it invested into Japanese Air (130k from F-4EJ T7), Swedish Air (J29A and J21RA), Russian Air (T5 fighters researched w/ MiG-21S premium), and a variety of Ground Trees, with the highest (and most enjoyable) being France and Britain. However, I’m finding myself stuck between deciding what to get in various tech trees in the upcoming sales.

My main interests are largely in the Swedish and British, and I’m looking to buy the Khalid, Sea Vixen, Sea Harrier FRS.1 Talisman, SAAB-105OE, Leopard 1A5NO, 90 Days Premium, and some modifications, a talisman, and modifications for the F-4EJ to make my grind to the F-16AJ less painful. But I have been drifting between:

  1. The French Air And Ground Trees (Tier 6-8 Sexy / Fun Looking)
  2. The Chinese Ground And Air Trees (J-8s and ZTZ99s cool)

So what I’m asking is; which would be a good investment? So far I’ve been told to drop anything outside of Sweden and Britain, Talisman the 105G, and drop / pick up a whole load of different vehicles. So, outside of Sweden, Britain, Japan and Russia;

  1. What is fun? (IMO, agile and versatile dogfighters w/ good IR missiles OR stupid fast missile buses)
  2. What is effective? (With regards to what I’m likely to enjoy)
  3. What is worth the money and time and what isn’t?
  4. What is likely to get stuff in the future? (SAAF, Commonwealth Subtree, Thai/SK Vehicle Subtree in Japan, future aircraft / tanks, etc.)

Any help would be much appreciated, and thank you. :)

China Air TT is my favorite TT. It has all the speed fighters (F-104) and dogfighters (MiG-19, J-7E, F-5E)
However, while the J-8 look cool, their performance is fool
…So don’t expect too much.

In addition, China has the second highest future potential after US and RU, and in addition to the original Gen4 such as J-10, F-CK-1, etc., it can also implement other countries’ aircraft such as M-2000-5, Su-27 (J-11), etc. It can be said to be a TT with excellent cost performance.