Teammate death credited incorrectly as Teamkill

Noticed a strange bug where a team mate’s plane crashing accounted as a teamkill, even if there had been no hostilities between players. It couldn’t even been a bomb shrapnel or similar, due to the only situation I used a bomb, the team mate in question was on the other side of the map.
This could be something to look into, cause it’s not fun if people are randomly getting punished with 26 000SE penalties.
Session code: 1cb1cc100124a8d
I have the replay for it, but the forum doesnt allow me upload the file even as zipped.

You search the replays in the server replays, and it has ‘copy link’ at the bottom of it, then you can post that here and we can have more hope finding it.

Ah right. Thanks. I dont really post much so didn’t know there was such thing for replays.

Now that I’ve watched the replay several times I actually spotted that there’s a moment where the teammate in their Yak-1 happens to cross my line of fire, turning a panel on their wing yellow. So apparently when they crashed 3 minutes later without taking any other damage, it counted as a teamkill.
Ah well, guess that’s how it goes. Didn’t know nonfatal damage counts.

Yep, that’d do it, and big ups on your checking and rechecking. The server replays are actually very enlightening when you get into them and watch from the others perspective, through their view (;).