TASKS that require AAA to destroy Players (reguarding Aircraft Specifically)

I listed a Complaint regarding not getting credit for shooting down Players with time indicators listed and screen shots verifying of each player I killed but did not get credit (for Task), (Strangely, I got credit for kills listed at end of match, because if you J out before the plane crashes or burns it becomes a “Bot” and you don’t get Credit!!! even though you get the kill in game, making Tasks MUCH MUCH harder to finish. My complaint was listed under game mechanics. This is a copy of my complaint and the lacking responce I got. I was informed by this staff member that I need to post it in the forums and not under Report Issue:

Destroy player vehicles using a SPAA, Players defeated: 0/25. With a rank III vehicle.
Again, killed 4 PLAYERS, game wrongfully listed 3 of them as (AI), so I only got credit for 1 of the 4 kills. This is the problem. I placed snap shots of the supposed AI, but as you can clearly see in the snap shots, all 4 are players. THERE ARE NO AI IN ARCADE GROUND BATTLES.

[- Yuki -]commented a month agoEmployee

First player left plane by timer before it died. 0/25

2nd player left plane by timer before it died. 0/25

3rd player died before he left plane. 1/25

4th player left plane by timer before it died. 1/25

So as we see you killed only one player before air battle timer left.

I hope you’ll understand how mechanic works. Please be sure that your enemy killed, don’t set on fire or something else, just finish them whatever it costs.

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commented a month agoAuthor

Wow, so you are saying, if the player leaves the plane before it dies, you don’t get Credit!!! This is very unfair because a malicious player can cheat you out of kills just by leaving the plane, even though you killed it. And, why wouldn’t he leave to get back to his unattended vehicle? This is, in my humble opinion, a pathetic rule that just makes your task WAY harder than is should be. Is it so you have to pay more SL to just change these tasks, or to make the grind harder…? Either way, this an unfair system!! In addition…why do you get credit for killing a PLAYER on the score board, but not for the task. This truly seems like an intentional effort to make the task even harder…and the task dose no mention this point to clarify. If it did, no one would do these tasks.

- Yuki - commented a month agoEmployee

If you want suggest to change requirements in tasks then you need to go on forum and write your suggestion there. Is not a bug.

I just explained how it works.