Targeting Pods slaved to the Mavericks seeker inevitably and not vice-verse

So the problem is, that as of right now, the TGP is slaved to the TV guided munitions seeker. Which is entirely wrong, and makes planes a lot less effective, and also frustrating to use. For example the F-16C has the LITENING II pod, and if you only mount GBUs, everything is fine. As soon as you dare to use F&F weapons, the snail banishes you with that the Mavericks seeker is the primary one and as you cirle through the views(because there is no such thing as change to TGP view only), your lock is gone as soon as you open the MAVs seeker view, and it jumps to the gimbal limit of the AGM65. So AGM65s can only be used effectively if you fly towards the battlefield which is more than great for any SAM system to slap you out of the skies.


  • Create a dedicated view for the TGP(worst, probably easiest to accomplish)

  • Implement TGPs and TV guided weapons correctly, so the TGP is the master, and if you want to, optionally but not necessary slave the Mavericks to the TGP. Like a key bind, which slaves it, but still!!! not making it the master, so if i switch to my TGP view, i should see the maverick blinking, that its FOV is out of bounds.

  • Also indicate the gimbal limit of the mavericks/bombs on the TGP view just like how helos and some plane have the launch limitation box inside the big box.

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So I’ve just got the Gripen and now trying to use the LITENING II targeting pod and the mavericks togheter. But can’t seem to get the right keybinds.

I’ve binded: Weapon lock (air to ground), Lock Guided bomb, sight stabilization to the same key
And : toggle laser designator and active target point to another to see if any of them work or if they work togheter.

I’ve watched videos on youtube from people like Hunter who does a lot of this, specifically with the F-16C with it’s LITENING II pod and AGM65D’s and for him he seems to have it all on order which means i am obviously doing something wrong. And with so many different keybinds that to me all seem like they do the same stuff it’s confusing knowing what to even use. I’ve linked my current keybinds. But in the last couple of hours I’ve changed it a lot to see what works.

The main issue for me is that when trying to lock a moving target with the litening II it doesn’t really slave the maverick making it target the tanks position but simply not following it, ending up in the maverick being locked right into the ground and not the tank. But the weirdest part is that sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. I’ve talked to people on discords and watched videos and i don’t get that 100% lock chance. And always or atleast at the first try at locking it never works.

Any idea how to fix it???
My current keybinds VVV

Save2.blk (9.9 KB)

If you add me on discord i can send a video as example


The implementation of the separated key binds for Optical Seeker View and Targeting Optics View solved most of my issue. You can find those under the Camera controls at the Aircraft tab.
Also don’t use Activate Targeting Point and Air to Ground lock for the same key, as they mess up each other. Getting a lock with the TGP is not garanteed that your MAVs can pick up the target as well, it depends on quite a few things. I only launch my MAVs when I can see this: AGM65:TRACKING, not POINT. Point track only really works with walleyes and GBU-8/15s as they never self destruct.

Some of the key binds I use for this:

keybind1: Activate Targeting Point. (To have a SPI(sensor point of interest) its where your TGP will look if you press it, also on older planes thats how you activate CCRP)

keybind2: Weapon lock(air to ground), Lock guided bombs. (obviously to try to lock a target by the maverick)

keybind3: Sight stabilization. (thats how you auto-track targets with your TGP, and also unlock, just like on helicopters)

keybind4: Fire secondary weapons (I recommend using weapon selection, if you have not locked up anything, first it will try to lock-on the maverick, and then launch, if you have already a solid lock, it will launch the missile first click)

You also need to disable these:

I hope it helps.

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I’ve done a lot of testing, using different keybinds to the same things just like you. And what i noticed is that as said, just because the pod is tracking doesn’t mean the maverick will. But the maverick only seems to also get a lock as soon as i am around 3-2km near it. Which is to close for my comfort when i want to use it in a real match.

So the main issue now is just getting a lock from far away. And I’m not sure what i can do about that. Everything is alot easier to do now with those keybinds but just don’t seem like i can get a lock for some reason, which I’ve tested both in a real match and in test drive. But it doesn’t seem to want to lock onto anything over 3km

But thanks a lot for the help, it is at least playable but difficult

I don’t know why you can’t get a lock. I only play sim, and because of the pantsirs and tors, I always do pop up attacks and launch on targets from 2-7km depending how small the map, how fast I can find the target etc. Maybe the optical/TV sensor on your maverick( the gripen only have those) the reason. I use the D with thermal/IR sensor. For some reason the F16C only gets access to those, but sometimes i’d love to use both because KA52s can somehow shake off the Ds but not the Bs. Might be the reduced thermal signal, or the automatic flare dispense causing this.

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