Tanks with yellow ribbon

Sorry,… probably it is a stupid question, but yes I am a Noob and I am horrible with pc/internet/etc.

There are some new tanks and they have a yellow ribbon in the research tree. Some with a clock, for instance in the German tree. Does this mean they will be only here for a limited of time?? Or is it just to indicate that these are new.

I just would like to know, because it might change my decision what to research next.

Thank and sorry if there is an obvious answer.

When there is a clock in research line it signs a temporarily vehicle, and there are time limit on clock if you hover mouse over it, when time passes vehicle will be “welded” in research line.


Okay, thank you. So I can keep my normal progress and no need to focus on these for now.
Nice to know they will stay. ☺️

For yellow ribbon, it is new vehicles added at the last update. That stay on 2 month (i think).


The reason the new vehicles in the research tree have a clock on them is because you can’t buy a vehicle without purchasing the vehicle before it. The clock is a time stamp to tell you that you can buy the vehicle after it, if it is researched, for a limited time. If you don’t and the clock goes away then you’ll have to grind the new vehicle out before you buy the one you had already researched.

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Both things come with udpates.

Yellow ribbon means a new vehicle.
Clock is a temporary link that will disappear soon, usually something that existed prior to update and will remain mainly for those that were researching it…but it is usually just a short time…

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Yellow ribbon, is to dictate, a NEW vehicle (this will eventually go away after a week or so)

The timed clocks are temporary in place, to research the vehicle quicker and after the time passes the vehicle will be put into its correct grinding position, within the current TT

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