Tanks Suggestion

Hello there,
I am currently at rank V and I would like to ask which tanks fits well in the lineup because I do not have idea which tanks should I research first. Also, plese tell me something about the tanks and if they are capable of destroying USA, UK and German tanks.

7.7 line up is some of the best, and in most tech tree is the one that you can put more vehicles in,

Specially USSR I would suggest IS-4M as your main vehicle, this thing is a mini Obj 279, can hold so much shots and bombs,

T-54 (1947) should be your secondary, it’s a solid vehicle but isn’t that good, I would take T-44-100 over it,

SU-122-54 is some interesting vehicle and you can bring as support, got a good amount of ammunition options: APDS, APHE, HEAT and HE with rangefinder, so it’s good at longer ranges, very mobile and decent reload speed,

Obj 268 is a IS-3 in a superstructure, has a good cannon but the ammo is mediocre.

ZSU-37-2 is something that you need, in my experience is the best SPAA at its BR, decent tracking radar, can lock at longer distances (10,0km) and you surely will get the kill within 3,0km distance if the target isn’t moving much.

If you have the chance, buy Su-11, a nice aircraft, good speed, maneuverability and good ordnance options also good cannons, you can quickly take out most enemy aircraft and helicopters.

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Oh okay, appreciate your long response. And also, what about the BTR, BMP a d the other Obj?

BTR is mediocre, BMP and Obj 906 is 8.0 so it’s a no, since 8.0 BR there’s no much options, so, in this case you should get to 8.7.

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Alright, thanks for your help!

BTR is a great if you unlock the APDS rounds, and is a decent against light tanks, and medium and heavy (shooting barrels and tracks). Just understand you get two belts, 1x APDS *150rds, and then the other is 120 rounds of APHE or HE. The other benefit is scouting, but it is a bit awkward to use in CQB as it turning radius at low speeds is awful, so just plan your routes. I also find it to be a decent SPAA, although the turret is slow.

I prefer the T44-100 over the IS-3 or IS-4 just because of the reload speed. Although the IS-3/4 have heavy armor, their reload speed can be a problem.

SU-122-54 has 2x 14.5mm guns which can help against light vehicles, and the HEAT round can help destroy real heavy tanks (MAUS).

ZSU-57-2 is also good for anti-tank, but as a SPAA, I find it’s more luck hitting fast movers.

The biggest problem with most of these vehicles (almost all Russian vehicles) is the gun depression. Can be a real disadvantage on maps with hills etc.

You can also just use the SU-9 if you don’t want to spend GE.


Alright, I will consider the tanks and add them to my lineup if I will like them. Thanks!

tho this rank is a menace, i`d suggest to use 8.0.
8.0 is two T-54, Obj 906 AND/OR BMP-1, ZSU-37-2.
The T-54s are generic medium tanks, have good APHE shots plus HEAT or APDS to use against smthn like MAUS. Have decent mobility but poor turret rotation and gun elevation speed. Have some armor tho 8.0 means you gonna meet HEATs much, and they dont care about your armor.
The 906 is a beast with 4 second reload of 240mm pen APHEs on stabiliser and a good mobile chassis. And the BMP is like 906 but without stabiliser and uses HEATs.

And for yout 7.3 lineup i strongly suggest a ZSU-57-2 as a light tank alternative. It has 150 pen with APHEs which absolutely destroy enemies.

the 7.7 lineup is also not as bad as it looks first, but the IS has many problems: starting with poor gun depression, following slow turret and elevation, and reloading speed. For that you some mobility - its not the slowest machine on the rank - and sme armor which gets destroyed with HEATs anyways, and you also get a t-54 which does not have any special rounds (HEATs, APDSs), meaning you only have good APHEs.

For fighting against germans, you really only need APHEs. Except Tiger-based machines, all of them are pretty much made of paper. As for the americans… Most M48s get trashed with MASK shot, and the hull is also vulnerable. Tho dont shoot the M60 to hull with APHEs. The m103s also vulnerable to hull shots.