Tank reverse controls are inverted

In ground battles, Tank Arcade, when going forward straight, then suddenly reverse + turning, tank turns in the incorrect direction. For example, go forward, then reverse + press right. Normally the tank is supposed to turn counter clockwise, but instead it turns clockwise. Then if you let go of the controls and press reverse + right again, the tank turns counter clockwise as it should.
Bug only happens with certain tanks: Tiger 2 SLA and 10.5cm, Ferdinand, Panther, Type 10, M47, Type 75 SPH, T34 (USA), M41A1
You can test the bug by test driving those tanks.
These tanks works as normal: HoRo, HoRi production, IS6, IS3, object 268, T26E5 and E1
Haven’t tested other tanks.


Yes I can confirm, it has been happening since the Sons of Attila I believe, since I only play RB nowadays, the problem seems to be global and not arcade-exclusive, your tank turns the wrong direction when hodling the above mentioned keys combination, but only for a split seconds before it corrects itself. Very annoying.