Tank Football 2024!

Athletes and football fans!

Take part in a football competition that’s going to leave a lasting impression. Participate in football matches, earn points and receive rewards!

To help you prepare for the competition, from March 12th (11:00 GMT) until March 14th (10:45 GMT), training events without achievement progression are available.

From March 14th (11:00 GMT) until April 1st (05:00 GMT) daily football matches are available at the following times: from 11:00-14:00 GMT, 16:00-22:00 GMT and 00:00-05:00 GMT.

Join other players in a 3v3 event (solo), or gather your team and fight until the final whistle in a 4v4 event (squad). Use the energy of your dash and jump to hit the ball spectacularly and get rewards!

Football Rewards!

For every goal, assist or save, you’ll receive achievement progression points. Each reward is given for a certain number of points received during matches in the “Tank Football” events.

For 20 points

“Hit the Ball” decal

For 50 points

“Dragon Team” decal

For 100 points

“Best Footballer 2024” decoration

For 200 points

“Dragon Team Driver” profile icon

For 300 points

Coupon for the “Dragons” or “Tigers” Team banner decal

For 400 points

Coupon for a random football camouflage for the M551

For 500 points

Coupon for one of the golden decorations: Glove, Ball or Boot

Please note: Rewards must be claimed manually. To do this, click on your name in-game, go to the “Tank Football” area and click the “Get Reward” button.

The top 50 players on the leaderboard of every event will be granted with in-game titles:

  • Top goalscorer — “Best striker 2024”
  • Top assist score — “Best winger 2024”
  • Top save score — “Best goalkeeper 2024”

Event details

  • You can see the exact conditions of each task and track your progress by clicking on your nickname and going to the Achievements → Tank Football menu.
  • The coupons for the “Dragons” and “Tigers” decal, “M551 Football Camo” coupons and “Golden Football Decoration” coupons can be sold on the Gaijin Market.
  • PlayStation and Xbox players can exchange each coupon for 100 Warbonds.
  • Reward titles will be given to the top 50 players in each category until April 7th.

Match rules

  • Each match consists of two halves of 5 minutes each. As with mini-football, only pure playing time is taken into account.
  • If the result is a draw, players receive an additional 2 halves of 1.5 minutes each. If at the end of two halves and extra time, it’s still a draw on the scoreboard, victory is not awarded to any team.
  • To win early in a 3 vs 3 match, you must get a 3 goal advantage.
  • To win early in a 4 vs 4 match, you must get a 5 goal advantage.

I really like tank football, but it’s going to be hard for me to find time to play it since we now have constant events that give vehicles and require you to play a specific game mode (which is not tank football).

It’s sad that the tank football event starts on the same day as the new naval event.


I already have those camos. Any chance to get them for the new Sheridan 76mm instead?



Yeah, I’d rather have them for this Sheridan bc I’ll use it way more

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Tank football is one of those things you play a couple of times and think “hey they was fun”

and then never play again.


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“It a interesting game mode.”
“Wanna play it again?”
“No thanks”


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Nice to see this event again!

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Why, I expected a rerun of the Battle for Arrakis event with the new Dune movie and all. Would be so much better than this…

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Good luck finding time for a random event amidst the perpetual grind events, and if you’re not doing those you are busy playing naval or something trying to accomplish battlepass challenges, and if you’re not doing those you might be trying to complete a special task you spend way too much SL or GE for trying to change the task for to get one actually doable, and if not that you might be trying to complete the daily task, and if not that you might actually be trying to grind the tech tree.

But I’ll take time out of that to play a random event that is very likely to not give me any RP or SL for my troubles.

@Stona_WT Hey i does not seem like this is working correctly. i can’t see it.


Screenshot 2024-03-12 134505

The Tank Football event will start from March 14th (11:00 GMT). At the moment we only have training:

from March 12th (11:00 GMT) until March 14th (10:45 GMT), training events without achievement progression are available.

oh, that explains it. thx :)

Training for tank football?!? That’s crazy 😂
Wonder how many people will actually end up training for this. Like how many people will end up try harding this like it was FIFA.😂

another repeat of the same **** event with the same repeating prizes. well, then skip it again

yeah, we’ve never seen pfps like this before

Yes, last year you were able to get “Team Tigers driver”- so profile icon from opposite team.
You really do not see difference between these two profile icons?