Tank AB - How to fly the correct way?

Hey there,

I’m not sure whether this is just unbalanced at all or whether I’m just too stupid to do so, but how do I manage to get to the battlefield within tank AB games when i did enough kills to start a plane?
Everytime i choose the smalles plane it cancels with the message “enemy did not start a hunter plane” (probably other wording, im playing on German language). If I go instead for the medium or large bomber I do not reach the battlefield since its kilometers away and always enemy planes spawn right behind me and shoot down my plane within 10-15sec.
For better understanding please see the replay starting at around 4:30. I spawn in the plane at around 4:38 and I’m out of the plane at around 4:48 with no shot nor any bomb launched.

hi there

do you play tank only ? or sometimes do you fly? perhaps use testflights, they’re free, but goood for handling training (only for reserver planes if you’re not into airplanes)
Jagdflugzeug means in english fighter
a fighter will only be started when there is a fighter starting on the enemy side,
if there will no enemy fighters starting, your start in your fighter will be cancelled

if you’re starting in medium bomber/attecker or bomber,
don’t fly straight in line, make some evasive manouvers
for you since you’re relativly new, simply go up and down, left and right , combine these and
don’t loose your target out of sight and try to kill it


Are you new here? :)))))

I look at planes as a “bonus”…and i hope they never change it so that all bombers can drop bombs accurately…would be mayhem on the ground.
Whenever you get into a bomber/attacker you have to pray that the interceptors behind are incompetent, uninterested or that your escorts are better. Sometimes you actually start ahead on a fast enough bomber that you can drop before being attacked effectively. You can also evade, dive or man your defensive guns…
In the end, if you do it enough you will manage to get some attack runs, do some damage and get rewards for it. IMHO the game balance requires that in most of your runs you cannot be effective as a bomber…but I have fun trying every time…if shot down early i just get on with the ground war knowing i wont be bombed that time.

BTW…i have more fun being the fighter…i usually wait for the bomber to appear and then try to intercept/escort.
As escorts would often attack ground targets when no interceptor was present their use (and therefore number) was reduced by eliminating escorts whenever the defenders decide not to intercept. In this case the bomber attacks mostly unopposed up to the bomb drop.

This happens when red players launch no escorts or interceptors. You won’t be needed.

Use chat before to request escorts. In your case, they were needed. Also be aware that likely, you are not alone and every red player and his mother is shooting at you.

I think i NEVER saw anyone ask for escorts…and it is very rare to get none…(unless no interceptor goes up)
Escort duty is usually easier as you dont get an enemy on your tail…and can go ground pounding after the air action…

Try it!

I play on PS5…would take forever to write the request :)

I take to the air and hope for the best…usually the escorts are there…
If they do their job is another matter…but asking wont solve it :)

Can’t you prewrite one in the game settings?