Tam 2C: Is it worth playing? And should I up tier my lineup to 10.0 for it?


Yesterday after a long grind, I finally unlocked my Radkampfwagon 90 and I love it. Not that great with it but it’s so fun.

After this, I decided to unlock the Tam 2C and purchase it however I have yet to crew it yet due to not knowing how good it is and unsure if J should up tier my entire lineup to 10.0 for it.

So, is it worth it? It seems fun and good but the stock HEAT-FS is what’s really making me scared because it was painful on the Rad.

My lineup right now is the Leopard 2k, Radkampfwagon, Begleit, Ozelot, and Gepard 1A2. It will end up replacing my Oz.

Its a great vehicle, the stock heat-fs is rough as always, but it probably isnt worth upteiring the lineup for it, better to wait until you have some of the other vehicles to back it up such as the PUMA and the 2A4 and then run the lineup at 10.3, playing 10.0 you will see 10.3 most of the time anyway

that’s kind of the dilemma i’m in is i’m already seeing 10.3 every single match so i don’t feel like it makes too much of a difference if i up tier it.

asking questions like this is basically a huge waste of time.

Even if Everyone on the forums said either yes or no, and even listed reasons for it… it wouldnt matter

the Only thing that Really matters is Your opinion and feelings on it… If you like it, and are good with it… play it… But in order to find out if you should play it, and If you do like it… is for You and You alone to play it (about the only research or recon you can actually do is watch gameplay of it… but still… its very secondary to you yourself playing it…)

try a few test drives… but other than that you simply have to play it and form your own Informed opinion.

Except that isn’t how that works.

Asking these question are not pointless, never has been. Asking these questions has saved me some much needed time and sl and has guided me to new vehicles that i would have never thought to play.

Now if you don’t mind, please politely go away. You are not contributing anything to this question.


Considering the lineup Germany has in that BR range and you having most of your lineup at 9.3 it isnt worth it. Realistically speaking your lineup would be made for maps like Firearc or Fulda, as in stay at range and snipe yet you are forced into brawling which none of your tanks is made for or able to sustain.

The 2C has atleast a bit more pen (436mm at 10m) than all your other tanks up until 11.3 with the 2A5. It also has gen 2/3 thermals iirc so its good for scouting or being a cheeky richardwaffle due to your mobility and good ammo. However the drawback is that as soon as your loader is taken out, your reload increases to around 15 seconds or more. The stuffed turret makes it also quite easy to OHK so to put it in other words if you are too poor to get yourself whipped by a professional to statisfy your masochistic needs, uptier your lineup. Be advised though you wont get a happy end at the end of your matches. Otherwise wait till you have a lineup at 10.3 so you might get a happy end once in a while.

that is not true, at all

10000 people could say YES, get it… and then you can play it and HATE it… and same with the opposite could be true… so the BEST option is to get it, play it and make your own assessment.

Sure, They could give you advice and it works out… but the Best knowledge is your own… since… you are you and decide what you like and dont like.

so i am potentially saving You a ton of time and issues, and more importantly (based on your response and kinda seeming like a prick) OThers peoples time and energy.

You do not seem to understand my point.

My point was you butt into this conversation saying to come to my own conclusions and I told you that my conclusion was to get other peoples opinions and if you didn’t have anything more to contribute… then leave.

Pretty simple tbh. But sure, thousands of people could love a vehicle and I hate it sure that’s a possibility but what exactly do I do if I make the mistake of crewing something like the Tam 2C and find out it wasn’t good without getting any knowledge beforehand?

I come here to ask these questions to prevent 900k silver from going down the drain by purchasing this thing and finding out it’s bad.

Now if you do not have anything else to add to this conversation except calling me a prick, I request you leave and do not come back.

yeah, how dare i comment or “butt in” to a post on a PUBLIC forum.

Thats not butting in dude… I am giving you Sound advice… For both you and others.

Yank real hard on your shoulders… or grab a passerby to help pull.

Fun fact: you don’t HAVE to keep replying to this. You are wasting your own time and energy by replying to this.

You could have ignored this and gone along your merry way but nope you had to tell me to stop and called me a prick.

I’m not letting this devolve into mindless banter. If you don’t have anything more to contribute, LEAVE. That simple.

fun fact… Your head is stuck

It’s a pretty good vehicle. For most people it’s not worth running 9.7 at 10.0 for (though I do that) because it’s not an effective frontline vehicle and 10.0 is uptiered frequently to 10.7 and 11.0. I will say the 2C’s biggest strength is DM63- a Rank IV mod. Without DM63 it’s poor at best, so be prepared for a long stock grind.

With the current influx of Type 90 players due to the premium, no.

Unless you’re willing to bring it to 10.3 for the 2A4 there’s no value in the 10.0 lineup unless you have the 2AV to abuse its placement alongside the PUMA.