Take 9p157-2 (Khrizantema-S)as an example to talk about a series of problems in war Thunder

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  1. First let’s talk about 9p157-2
    Since it is one of the less popular vehicles, here is a brief description: it is a fairly early vehicle, introduced in the “Starfighters” version. Unlike many of the other surface-to-surface missile vehicles in War Thunder, it carries a millimeter-wave radar that can lock onto ground targets. The description on the War Thunder wiki goes like this: Radar can also lock onto tanks, through smokes, bushes, etc.
  2. Gradually emerging problems
    However, over time and with the accumulation of various codes in the game, its radar became less and less reliable: not to mention undergrowth and smoke, even on the plains without any cover, there could be lock frame shake, target loss, and other problems (for a while, it could not even lock the target car mbt70 in the test yard).
  3. One-size-fits-all rough handling
    In this version, gaijin added a drop to the 9p157-2 missile for the simple reason that it is a missile carrier and the missile should have a drop when launched from the canister. We have already added drops for bmp, m3 and other vehicles, the 9p157-2 missile drop is a given. But if you think about it, is this statement too much to take for granted? The old fly-by-wire missiles fly slowly and fall is normal, but the laser-guided missiles fly fast, how can it cause a fall? In addition, the handling of the early missiles was poor, but the handling of the new missiles (such as tow2 series, 9m113 series) should not be improved? Below is a link to a real vehicle science video of the 9p157-2, which shows three firing scenes of the 9p157-2, none of which produced a drop when exiting the chamber. You can see that its speed, handling, killing effect are better than the game data.
    [【ATGM“菊花”——俄罗斯现役最强大的反坦克导弹(车)】 ATGM“菊花”——俄罗斯现役最强大的反坦克导弹(车)_哔哩哔哩_bilibili](【ATGM“菊花”——俄罗斯现役最强大的反坦克导弹(车)】 ATGM“菊花”——俄罗斯现役最强大的反坦克导弹(车)_哔哩哔哩_bilibili)
  4. Missing advanced missiles
    Also in the link to the video mentioned above, it is mentioned that the 9p157-2 is equipped with four missiles, two ordinary missiles: 9m123, 9M123-2, and two thermobaric bombs: 9m123f, 9M123F-2. But for some reason we don’t see them all in the game. If it is due to thermobaric issues in the code, the game already has the s13df (although the op was replaced by the s13of).
  5. Summary and worry
    Yes, there is no denying that War Thunder has launched more and more vehicles and more and more novel mechanisms. But what about the old vehicles? What about unpopular vehicles? The special mechanisms that belong to them gradually break down in the update. They are brutally implicated across the board in a major refresh of the overall mechanism. Their missing parts are forgotten. Some people may say that XX(any vehicle) if you get all the accessories is too supermodel, which can be balanced by adjusting the weight, increasing the number of points spent on attack and other various means, a super model in 8.0 extremely supermodel vehicle to 9.0 also supermodel? Is it a good idea to add 50 respawn cost points to the 9p157-2 with thermobaric charges?
    Even more worrying is the hatred between player groups, in many anonymous forums can be seen such as “watching this vehicle is disgusting”, “should have weakened” and so on, hate speech between missile vehicle and mbt players, hate speech between pure land players and cas players, and discrimination between players of different combat modes are worth considering.
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Missile drop makes it unusable removed it from my lineups

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I could go on and on and on,the 2s25m lacks a laser warning device, the su39 lacks the r27er1, the r77, and various advanced land-to-ground missiles. All gaijin does is keep rolling out new vehicles and then throwing them away. It’s like when you go to a car store and buy a car, and they brag about it so much that you decide to buy it. But after a while, you find that the car lacks some functions or some functions are broken, and when you go to them for after-sales repair, they tell you: This car is too old, we can’t carry out after-sales repair, let me recommend a new car to you, this car can just make up for the various problems of your last car. For those of you who love old cars, you can relate

Despite all the issue with missiles logic in the game, the vehicle would be better if the firing sight was in the launcher instead of the gunner which makes me commit a crime - what I’m say is I need to fully expose the vehicle in order to fire the ATGM, it it wasn’t the case I would be ok but the missile logic killing the ATGM carriers and Khrizantema in specific doesn’t having any kind of interesting point, where the radar used to be, makes it even worse.

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