Tail surfaces extremely fragile on p-61C

The P61 has to be one of the most fragile aircraft I’ve flown. The tail surfaces fragment on the slightest hit. I play a lot of Japanese craft and none of them are as fragile as the P-61. Were the actual aircraft known to have vulnerabilities on their tail surfaces?

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I flew the P-61 on an old inactive account years ago. A mixed bag, but besides that i share you overall impression regarding the air frame.

But, the tail of my SM 92 twin boom is disabled much easier. The only advantage is that this useless turrets splits the horizontal stabilizer in 2 parts - in rare cases i am able to survive hits, but the tail is my “cryptonite” too. The SM 91 or a P.38 is dead with a hit there…so it looks like gaijin is at least somehow consistent…

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Screen grab from WT showing the fragility of the P61.

I know this isn’t a huge concern, but an example of how fragile the P61C is. First hit from a 20, took both rudders, elevator and severed both tail booms.

might be a problem with the planes mechanics, have you looked into maybe making a bug report?

I haven’t. But it’s a good idea. I don’t know how responsive Gaijin is to these types of things.

Right now every cannon in game is 1-2 shot wonder with sole exception of MG151/20 which requires 2-3 times as many shells.
Tails have been made from glass for years. Instead of making them behave like a part of plane, Gaijin simply made every non-German 20mm behave like it’s carrying 50g of TNT equivalent inside 210g shell.

Ah, well good to know! That explains a lot. Even my Japanese aircraft seemed to be able to take a beating better than the P61, from the back that is. I’ve only been playing a year and some change. The p61 is one of my favorite WWII aircraft, but it does seem exceedingly fragile. Any hit on the tail seems to instantly send it down.