Tail Chopper Decal

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Tail Chopper Decal

The Tail Chopper is the official decal of the PAF’s most decorated squadron; the No. 14 Squadron. It depicts a hand holding a scimitar. While the decal itself was made when the squadron was raised in the 1940s, it earned the name “Tail Choppers” after a daring airstrike mission by her pilots during the 1965 War in which they chopped off tails from Indian Canberra Bombers parked at the Kalaikunda Airbase with their F-86 Sabre’s 50 Cal MGs in order to disable them.

It would be a good addition to the Allies Aircraft section as many future Pakistanis served with various branches of the British Armed Forces during WW1 and WW2 along with tribal wars in the NWFP province.

Historically speaking, the decal is seen on almost every plane the squadron has used for the past 7 decades. (Decal on Shenyang F-6 picture not uploaded due to copyright issues.)

Decal on Tempest

Picture credits: Self and Pakistan Air Force Archives (Government Media works which is 50 years or older is in public domain according to Pakistani Copyright Laws)
1- Tail Choppers Birth of a legend by Sultan Hali
2- No. 14 Squadron PAF
3- Official PAF tweet

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