Ta 154 Has Unplayable Auto Trim Settings

I’ve owned this aircraft for almost a year now and have made numerous attempts to get this fixed but I’m getting nowhere. Before you read further, please note this DOES NOT affect people using mouse aim controls. The game is automatically applying elevator to make the plane go where your cursor is pointing, so trim settings are almost irrelevant to you.
But for me, using a joystick to control the aircraft in either Simplified or Realistic control settings with auto trim, the Ta 154 starts to pitch down really hard over 500km/hr IAS. When the aircraft is constantly pulling you off target, aiming at an enemy aircraft becomes extremely hard. I have included a video I made a while ago of how the plane pitches down on its own. It’s not a flight model problem, it’s a problem with the auto trim settings which I can only guess is probably like a 5min fix.
I am basically begging for someone at Gaijin to fix this up and let me enjoy this plane. PLEASE! It has been a great source of depression for me. I’ve got an open report ticket for it which I am struggling to find a link to right now a well.

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I would suggest to get used to Full Real controls. Learning to trim your aircraft comes in handy, and you don’t have to deal with improperly auto-trimmed aircraft. It doesn’t take long for trimming to become instinct.


I would rather not deal with wing stalling or all the extra pilot load involved with auto trim, I’m already at enough of a disadvantage vs mouse aim pilots.

I can understand that.

For me, once I got so comfortable with flying that I had plenty of time to think of other tasks, I started to play around with trimming and MEC controls.

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I found a link to the bug report. Still hung up on spending money on this and being totally unable to use it.

I have a STUNNING idea that you may not have though of.


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No, that doesn’t work for me at all.
Asking me to add another layer of difficulty to the game instead of Gaijin fixing the Ta 154 is like telling all mouse aim pilots to “just fly joystick” if a plane didn’t fly properly with mouse aim. If this was a tech tree vehicle I’d just not play it, but need I remind you this is a premium I PAID for? Selling a faulty product and refusing to fix or refund it is actually quite illegal in my country.


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Everything you just said is wrong on many levels. Our conversation is over.

No, it isn’t. You’re too stuck up to admit that you’re causing your own problems, and at this point your only response to any of it is “you’re wrong”…

As said, turn off autotrim. That, mixed with your relative control and complete lack of compensation, leads to the pitching.
If you’re whining about it being “too much to do”… Then get better. You’re playing Sim controls while not having a single dated Sim match in your profile’s existence. Better yet, using actual Full Real or manual trim will fix the problem in its entirety…
Or… Is a controller too much of an issue? Have you tried… buying a keyboard and mouse? Using your Instructor properly?

If you want to use Joystick controls then you should just play Sim.

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Maybe someday autotrim gets updated and it is fixed but this is uncertain.
I recommend you to either use the instructor or disable autotrim.

I mean, if Gaijin refuses to fix it, I just won’t spend any more money on the game to avoid getting burned again. That’s the easiest solution right? Using Instructor goes hand in hand with auto trim, I think you meant to say to use mouse aim. Again, exactly the same as telling all the mouse aim players, which is probably over 90% of the player base, to “just fly joystick” if a plane was released that had a bugged mouse aim control. Or if a tank was released that could only rotate its turret clockwise due to a bug, and telling people just to deal with it and get good at using it that way.
Auto Trim is a feature in War Thunder. The ability to fly joystick is a feature in War Thunder. They are not mutually exclusive, and for 5yrs now it’s how I’ve chosen to play the game, just like a mouse and keyboard player chose the easiest way to play the game. I paid for a vehicle that has an issue with these features, and I’m certain it’s a really easy fix. Smart customer service would just be to fix it rather than burn a customer.

Is a problem with the autotrim itself not with the plane, if it was easy to fix it would have been already fixed.
As I said maybe one day autotrim gets updated and fixes it, but until then there is nothing we can do.

Anyways just learn to trim, it is very easy and takes no effort.

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That’s disturbing to know it is the autotrim itself, that means Gaijin has looked at it at some point to figure that out and left it on the back burner due to difficulty of the fix? It affects so few planes, F4Us and Sea Fury FB11 come to mind though but to far less severity than the Ta 154.


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Hilariously enough, I haven’t had any issue whatsoever with auto-trim, and what’s even funnier is that manual trim has even more issues than auto trim in SAS Damping.