Ta 152 H-1 Fuel load

Wondering why the minimum fuel load of this plane is 26min, i almost never need more then 15min of fuel.

Minimum load of around 15-20 min would be ideal for this plane.

That’s it, thanks for listening to my ted talk.

P.S. is there any way to reach out to Gaijinn themselves to report this or are the forums my only hope?

Minimum fuel works by simply being 30% of the maximum fuel load.

26m is pretty damn good, lasts entire battle. When I solo carry, longevity really helps.

I get that, but dont you need to reload or repair most of the time?

I reload after scoring about 6 kills, SOMETIMES I manage to run out of ammo after 4-5. But it’s rare. And usually the game is either won or it’s a lopsided loss anyway.

I can’t let myself get severly damage because nowadays you just die after 1-2 shells hit you, and also because if you land, then you have the enemy team above you and at 6.0 your “teammates” are mostly Ju-288C bots.

Edit: post reported by trolls/haters unfortunately

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True, but i run out of ammo after 4kills, guess i need to get more efficient with my aim lol, the velocity is so slow on these guns, damage makes up for it though.

What convergence do you use and at what distance do you usually fire? ( around 300m seems optimal )

If only Gaijinn could do something about the ju-288 problem…

500m convergence but I fire at 500m only when I’m moving fast, enemy is moving slow and/or on a predictable path/or above 3000m because shells slow down bit less the higher you get.

Most of my kills are deflection shots from around 400m away. In a tailchase I don’t fire beyond 500, and even then mostly to slow the enemy down and not really hoping to hit, unless it’s a bomber.

Right now Ta-152H is in a super bad spot BTW because every other fighter has way better cannons. Shvak takes out your wing in 2 shells. You need around 4 to take out Yak-3U wing which is also way smaller and I recommend to wait till they fix the every non-German weapon super buff they’ve made.


Not always. (Hunter FGA9 min is 3 min, max is 13 mins) but for most aircraft is about 20-30% of max

I think its time that entire window gets overhauled. It just seems unncessarily limiting

Why presets at all, Have the min always be 10% of max and then it to just be a slider, with 30 second increments. So you can pick exactly how much you want. The presets often feel random and some dont have any at all.

Same for CM count, weapon calibration, even bomb series.

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Thanks a lot for the tips!

Well put.

Looking purely at the fuel time given is highly misleading, because it is not precise enough. Once you look at the time, including the seconds, it is easy to do math and conclude that even in the example you’ve given the minimum fuel is 30% of the maximum fuel.

In this precise case, the Hunter FGA9 has 13 minutes and 17 seconds of max fuel and 3 minutes and 59 minutes of min fuel (this shows how imprecise the minute display is). That is 797 and 239 seconds respectively. Simple math shows that this is almost exactly 30% (not perfect because we don’t know the milliseconds).


Calculating seconds and percentage

If you want to get even more accurate, you can use the test drive FM tools. Using these tools it is possible to know the weight of your aircraft at that current moment, and the weight of the fuel. Using this, I know the Hunter FGA.9’s fuel tanks can hold a maximum of 1368.600098 kg, and that the weight of the fuel while using minimum fuel load is that of 410.580078 kg. With these significantly more precise results, we get even closer to 30% (and really it is as close as we can get. It simply isn’t 30% because the values used for the weight of the fuel can only go so small).

More math

Hunter FGA.9 with minimum fuel load

“Total” shows the current weight of the aircraft. “NoFuel” shows the weight of the current aircraft if it didn’t have fuel. By subtracting the value of “NoFuel” from “Total”, we get the current fuel weight.

Calculating minimum fuel weight and percentage

Pretty much sums it up.

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