T95E1 armor specifications


Laser, yes.

Issue with adding all the variants is the fact that they were all test bed and test vehicles.

laser or thermal am confused?

There is no such thing as a thermal rangefinder to my knowledge, only a thermal optical system. Laser is the go-to, because it can’t be obstructed by anything other than smoke grenades that can diffuse the beam, or a solid object to reflect the beam.

Laser is a 2-step system, it sends out a beam to an object and a camera, high speed, watches to see how long it takes for the laser to reach target, and measures the distance with the time/distance math ratio at the speed of the laser (I.e. the speed of light) so, realistically, laser range finders should be almost instantaneous, but aren’t in war thunder for balancing reasons.

Reason be laser range finders are reliable, and exremely accurate, only being off by ±1yd max. Especially modern ones. You can literally go to Dick’s sporting goods and guy a LRF for sub 400-500$.


To be fair, it genuinely does matter with tanks like the T95 medium/MBT because of the multitude of larger differences compared to German tank variations.

Except the rangefinder that the t95 used is an electro-optical rangefinder it is not laser it operates kinda like it but it doesnt use a laser, it just uses pulses of light, those pulses are in the ir spectrum so it is not that far of what the op stated.

Good informative video on the T95 medium tank released a day ago


imagine in next update we get: T95E2 new tank with composite armor!

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does gaijin actually check the forums?

Only to tell us players that all our painstaking research is wrong.

but these are actualy military documents formerly classified and i didnt pull em out my ass they from the archives of the ministry of defence

do is it even have to be popular? or gaijin just checks wtv they want

Functions in an almost identical way, laser rangefinders of the modern era, and old ones, use IR lasers as well. “Pulse-reflect-retrieve-calculate”