T90M Turret Add-On Relikt


Why is this not included in the Additional ERA Package?


10/10 looks by design

Gaijin maybe took the standard setup from the UVZ
The image from the field look like an improvised unit of it from frontline engineer.

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maybe they’re saving it for something like a t-90m (2020) or similar, because tbh there isn’t much left to add

we already got obr 2020 in game lol

2023 then idk

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We need more ERA

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They should have improvised armor just because its funny.

No!.This is the standard version of 2022-2023…At the end of 2023, the protection on the sides began to be changed to Protection in rigid hulls (as on the T-72B3 / T-80BVM)…
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more era… only solution, era on era,

I mean, it’s basically the same for Western tanks with their Composite/ NERAs armor packs…

Because its unneeded.

Of course USSR players complain about their vehicle being to weak, when they are the ones that perform the most realisticaly

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