T80BVM's reversing speed?

A T80BVM test video from Russia, this video said the T80BVM reversing speed could reach over 20km/h, It is still not clear how they achieve this

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This is not really a test video…In Russia, it was decided to resume serial production of the T-80…There are heated debates on the appearance and technical characteristics of the new T-80 on tank forums in Russia…This event was dedicated to the release of the Military Acceptance program about the T-80BVM tank model 2023-which was exhibited at the ARMY-2023 Forum…


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Video from Youtube for some reason is not inserted-a link to the channel…Video from September 10…
Zvezda_live13.0 - YouTube


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Gaijin has said that video cannot be used as evidence of changes.
But I assume they will implent this to BVM, lets see.

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Yeah, it is not an official test, but how did they achieve this, I mean over 20km/h reversing speed for T80BVM is quite ridiculous.

How they achieved what, exactly? Speed wasn’t shown at any point of the video and it was only claimed to achieve 25 km/h speed on the obvious advertisement video, created to show how “good” T-80BVM is for new production contracts.
In the same video they also claimed that “new” cope cage (aka mangal) main purpose is to protect the tank from Javelin and NLAW, which is highly doubtful to say the least.

T-90M also claimed to have 15km/h reverse speed, until it was captured and tested. And turns out its reverse speed was 4km/h all along.

T-80BVM is still a good tank, but propaganda videos aren’t the good source for tech review.


There was a video on August 15 (but it was quickly deleted)- there are only photos left…Now it’s more protection from drones…



The lancet got stuck in a homemade net of the self-propelled gun Crab (Ukraine)…Lancet strike on Leopard-2 (Ukraine)…


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