T72 horizontal wheel loader problem (game balance and player experience deterioration)

In the test server, gaijin refined the autoloaders of some autoloading vehicles (such as 99A, VT4, T90M, TYPE10, LEC, etc.), but many Warsaw Pact and Chinese vehicle loaders have a super slow reload speed (7.1s). For comparison, you can see that the reload speeds of the M1 and Leopard II main battle tanks are 5s and 6s, and the Japanese tanks are 4s. We hope to increase the reload time of Warsaw Pact and Chinese tanks to 6.7s, and the 6.5 of the T80 series tanks can remain unchanged. In addition, in the new test version, the horizontal loader has a damage module. Once hit by fragments, it will reload very slowly. These tanks are not competitive with NATO tanks in top-level land battles. Now they are more vulnerable and less suitable for top-level environments.


Realistically speaking, I’ve watched videos of Russian autoloaders, and they took longer than 7 seconds to get a round into the breach. Not to mention changing ammunition type takes even longer. Im in favor of this change, what cant be balanced through armor, gets balanced through other means. bvm and 90m are insanely protected ingame, imo its all fair


But how to explain the 5s round per round of NATO tanks? And the Chinese tank is not well armored, it is a flammable and explosive tank, but it still has only 7.1s and the loader has a debuff. You can see the new model in the test server.

Because a human loader can and do load rounds in under 5 seconds, sometimes as 3 seconds with certain guns.

Carousel autoloaders by design have to deal with distance of travel to deal with when loading rounds, unless a human loader is reaching across the entire vehicle they do not have such a limitation. To this same end the autoloader styles you mention for the likes of the Leclerc and Type 90 are superior by design as they feed from magazine style autoloaders and have no distance of travel at all.


So can it be done while moving? And in Warthunder, you can use up all the ammunition at a constant speed. Is it possible in reality? I have no problem with LEC and type90/10, but can manual reloading be maintained at speeds of up to 70km/h and when going off-road? And unless your loader is superman, how does he have unlimited physical strength (fog)?


Its about 7.7 seconds if the autoloader has alternating round types in the autoloader, and has to turn a bit further.

But for adjacent rounds, its about 7.1 seconds.

Because this is a video game and autoloaders dont break down and tanks dont randomly catch fire.

Now autoloaders aren’t just flat out better than human loaders because now you can kill both of them, previously only human loaders could be damaged in any way.

The loader failure rate is not that high, and in this game, NATO tanks will not get stuck in the mud (lol)

No tank gets stuck in the mud, if you want to purpose that they model stress, fatigue, system failures, traction failures, tanks throwing tracks, etc then you can, but such things are not modeled in game currently.

still such a massive nerf for T-72 and ZTZ calls for either lowering BR of them or raising BR of competitors by 0.3-0.4

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cuz right now in 1v1 situation, when both tankers make bad shots and both lose a loader and autoloader, one with loader wins by default

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Repair time of autoloader + reloading is way more than reloading without a loader

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