T55A Surviving Bombs

I tried the Gripen in test drive and the T55A survived 3 gbu 24’s with minimal damage. This isn’t the first time this has happened and it has happened with bombs in game as well. The T55A needs some form of remodeling because I can guarantee a tank doesn’t survive 800kg bombs directly in front of them or 3 gbu 24’s on top of it for that manner.

Here’s 2 clips of that:

Do you have a source?

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Common sense and the slightest amount of knowledge regarding air to ground weaponry 💀💀💀

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Common sense is not a source

The GBU-24 is a 2000lb guided bomb, modeled in game with the mk 84 warhead afaik. It has over 500kg of TNT equivalent in game, that is more than enough to kill a t55 on a direct or close hit.

Bro, not even modern tanks survive it. No tank survives a GBU-24 top down. Overpressure will kill it. Just look what a Sturmtiger did to a sherman, ripped it open and basically made it like it was cut in half. And that was in the side. And to top it off. Not even the MAUS can survive a gbu-24 to the roof.

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Halkad is definitely a Russia main bro wants his t55 to be more durable than an abrams

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Sure looks like it!

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Post a primary source and not your gibberish, you know the rules from gajin.

A source is not needed when you have it in game. The Vidar can overpressure that thing with 9kg explosive mass. I don’t think you get how impossible 505kg of explosive mass to the roof and surviving is.

Im adding onto this discussion, I tested with the RB75 because the bombs somehow are not in the protection analysis. The T-55 Refuses to overpressure when something hits it’s cheeks from top down, now, all those 3 gbu’s didn’t really hit it in the cheek which is weird and kind of weird how the hell a tank can survive a gbu to the cheek at all from any angle, or the RB75. Not even top tier tanks do that, they overpressure. Easy to demonstrate with the Sturmtiger(Sturmörser) with 125kg explosive mass which is far less than the GBU’s 505kg, again, not even modern tanks survive the Sturmtigers shell to the cheeks. So no source is needed when something is clearly impossible + even proven by the game itself.