T34 747 rank change

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My first post here on this forum and only a small suggestion which would be easy to implement.
The T34 747 in the german tech tree currently sits at Br4.3 which is in my opinion perfect for it, but is only a rank 2 vehicle. I like playing it quite much, but it is kind of sad that i cant grind events or missions with it as it would have to be a rank 3 vehicle.

So i suggest moving it up a rank, so that it would fit with its BR, as there are no other german Premiums that are rank 2 but have a BR of 4.3.
If it is a problem that there are already too many rank3 german premium, I suggest moving down the premium pz 4j as its techtree counterpart also sits at rank 2.

yeah thats kind of it, atm its kind of weird to have it sit at 4.3 in rank 2 after its been uptiered quite alot so why not change the rank to fit the BR?

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Yes please

They need to set up a rule for these ranks instead of this roll of the dice, we can’t have a 4.3 in rank 3 but Russia can have a 2.7 in rank 3?

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So you want an inferior vehicle to be moved up to rank 3 while the superior one ends up demoted to rank 2? This does not make any sense. The 747r is a bit too high as it is. What should really happen is that the devs should move all the 80 mm thick Panzer IVs armed with the 7.5 cm KwK 40 L/48 up to the same rank/br as the T-34-85(D-5T) & M4A2 (76) W instead of nerfing their combat capabilities by inappropriately forcing them into rank 2


The Soviet T-34 (1942) is also rank 2, so there’s no problem with the T-34 747.

If you want to play T-34 747 for missions, just pair it with any tank of rank 3.

I think BR is more important than rank, I have played T-34 747 very little since its BR was raised to 4.3, because I will match BR 4.7 tanks or even the Tiger :(

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This is a game discussion, real world comparisons are fairly meaningless here. If you think the Panzer IV or it’s KwK 40 is underperforming in the game compared to reality that’s one thing but this discussion isn’t really about that. It’s about the fact that as they are implemented in game right now the T-34 747 (r) is just better than the Pz.Bfw. IV (and the BR reflects that) yet sits at a lower rank, devaluing it as a premium vehicle.

Regarding the comparison to the Soviet T-34s: The T-34 747 (r) is actually better than any Soviet T-34-76 model as it combines the improved hull armour found on the T-34E STZ with the improved turret found on the T-34 (1942). Its BR of 4.3 is also higher than many Rank IIIs, such as the M4A2 (which likewise is just an improved Rank II M4) or the KV-1E/B, so I think placing it at Rank III is justified.


Not when you understand what Rank relates to and the issues with altering ranks, especially for Premiums (obviously a bigger impact if Premiums were ever reduced in Rank). There are already Rank III 4.3s in the tree that would allow the T-34 to make use of RIII Tasks/Challenges, the only real issue would be not being able to be used to research Rank IVs “efficiently”, but when purchasing this Premium you knew that upon purchase what Ranks it is efficient for. To increase the rank it would make the vehicle more valuable than it already is and is it really necessary to do this?

The evolution of the game has altered how trees look but the progress does produce these anomalies and can be easily explained and understood.

Not really, many tasks and almost all challenges require using a Rank III vehicle for do the specified action. It’s not a problem for tasks about playing/winning battles but tasks like a “Destroy x [vehicle type] using [vehicle type]” cannot be completed using a Rank II.

I don’t think it’s necessary to move the T-34 747 (r) to Rank III but I also don’t believe it would be put at Rank II if it was introduced now. And Gaijin buffs (and nerfs!) premium vehicles all the time so I don’t see why making a premium vehicle objectively better is really an issue.

Actually most can be done just using a RIII of same BR, even some of those like you mention still work if a RIII was used first; but I do feel the ins and out of the “rules” are messy as heck. Very few require the vehicle to be specifically used outside of the BP, but BP is just another layer to create an addiction so go along with that aspect of the game at your peril! If you bought said vehicle FOR tasks then there were others to pick for the medium tank role and the T-34 was purchased knowing any limitations. Some nations have to wait until 4.7 to get their first RIII medium, but they do advise multi-nation play (even if the reality is to follow all trees will make you go insane or quit).

But yes it probably would have been put to RIII if it had been introduced today, but it wasn’t. This T-34 is the only vehicle I have seen one player use over 6,000 times (pre-4.3). Someone doesn’t mind using it! Of course only Gaijin really know why vehicles sit where they do.

It is a sad tale of many of the PzIVs getting dumped in BR so heavily due to mis-use (and of course in game changes to shell values etc over the years) so that Ranks were reordered and they all became RII (similar to Rank revisions that put most M24s to RII).

Rank is more about controlling progression, hence why some nations get a vehicle in a different Rank due to “progression efficiency”.

Panzer IV ammunition bounces off too easily from angles. Its flat box design makes it too easy to osk, even from vehicles from lower BRs and also from certain autocannon vehicles. Its BR drop is logical, in War Thunder this tank doesn’t really work (map sizes and engagement ranges don’t favor this one).

T-34 747r is far superior. The ammunition negates most angles (angling modifiers are still there) and it bounces off alot shots frontally. The fuel tanks are quite well protecting the sides. And mobility is better as well. The whole thing fits the typical small map sizes.
Problem is that Gajin should adjust ranks when they BR bump vehicles. Rank II and BR of 4.3 is meh. Needs to be rank III.


There are many more vehicles than T-34s and PzIVs to consider, and many more nations, and are not being directly compared.

Try killing a 3.7 PzIV in a 4.7 Heavy tank and you will see how trolly PzIVs really are, and the gun packs a punch. Same can be said for most mediums at this range with their own trolly armour spots. Just have to remember those yolo T-34 head bangers are not able to aim well during their “rushing about like headless chicken” mode of play and can be taken advantage of.

You’re freaking delusional, if you think a Pz IV with a long 75mm is anywhere near comparable to either T-34-85 or any M4 with a 76mm.
:D :D :D

The T-34 747 was super OP for the longest time and 4.3 fits it about perfectly.

I originally planed to comment about the Rank and how there is a problem with changing ranks of Premium vehicles but decided to let it rest since all 76mm T-34s are Rank II.


Want this change for long time, rank 3 will allow me to use it in events :)

Alternatively… abolish this non-sensical rank system, it’s stupid, dumb and absurd, based on LITERALLY nothing and only abused to negatively affect vehicles and destroy lineups either intentionally or through sheer stupidity and ignorance.

The rank penalty is also INSANE to waste 60% of your time because the Snail people decided that this vehicle from your lineup should now be in rank ll, and despite being the same BR as your other vehicles, it’s now a different rank and you cannot use it for research anymore and thus your lineup is crippled for again, no reason.

Not to mention how it impact the viability of hundreds and hundreds of vehicles for events, dailies, battlepasses and whatnot that are basically 24/7 at this point, I shouldn’t have to divide my team between a lineup to earn RP, a lineup to earn SL and then a lineup that earns neither of those things if I want to have some fun at the expense of wasting both RP and SL earnings.



Only work if task is like get win in a rank 3 vehicle but if task is example “Kill 24 tanks in a medium tank” or “Get X number of Crits” those don’t count if you’re not in a rank 3 vehicle.

This. I think Gaijin was called out a lot when they decided to add rank 7 for no other clear reason then force people buy rank 6 prem for grind.
I get that they want to make sure that people don’t just grind whole game seal clubbing 1.0-3.0br teams but I think there are much better solutions for that then 60-95% penalty.

Leave it alone, while a very playable tank in Rank II, it’s meat in rank III game, pretty much everything can one shot kill it and not much it can do the same with.

It’s always on the low side of the typical game as it is, it’s at that BR rating that always get uptiered.

Research penalty should just be extended by a rank if they want to have an illogical and random system.

If I want to grind rank IV Germany I can use the 8,8cm Flak at 4.0, but no the StuG lll at 4.0.
I can use the Jagdpanzer 38t at 4.3, but I cannot use the T 34 747 at 4.3.
I can use the Wirbelwind at 3.7, but I cannot use the Pz IV H at 3.7.
I can also use the KW-ll at 3.7, but not the Dicker Max at 3.7.

Out of my 8 options, half of them are invalidated and crippling my lineup and no one can explain to me why, and if you cannot explain a system to the playerbase, it should not exist.

Allow to research 2 ranks higher and all this is resolved, as you shouldn’t really find the same situation across 2 tiers, although back in the day we had a 4.7 FW-190 version in 3 different tiers, which was insane.

Research penalty also should just not exceed 50%, it’s excessive.

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Well changing it rank won’t change a thing in MM.
Before you had that rank II lineup couldn’t see rank IV,but nowadays Rank only affects research and Tasks.
So making it Rank III would make it better grinder and better at doing Medium and Hard tasks from BP.
It would still face same tanks that it faces now.

I assume you’re talking specifically about the Churchill Mk. VII? Because otherwise I struggle naming a 4.7 heavy tank (or 4.7 vehicle) that struggles with even the most heavily armored Pz. IVs (H, J, and Pz.Bfw. IV). Sure you can whiff your shot in an M6A1 or KV-85 but that’s not really a good standard, by the same logic the Tiger “struggles” killing T-34-76s because you can hit the driver’s hatch.