T26E5 LFP model

Making this topic because the T26E5 still has the mismatched lower front plate visual model and armor scheme.

I want to point out that the IS-2 and IS-1 got an updated model on update “Fire and Ice”, October 2022, which made both their LFPs 24º in both the visual and armor scheme, and yet this got fixed with the current major update (“La Royale”) in both ways. Less than a year passes, and it gets fixed.

But the T26E5 has had the wrong LFP model since October 2021, from the very moment that it came out in update “Ground Breaking”, and the visual model still isn’t fixed.

All I want to know is: what gives?

Edit: Gaijin has even with this update changed the armor on the IS-2 (1944)s entirely for what feels like the 4th time now since update “Apex Predators” changed the model for these tanks, even including a tiny model change by making the MG face forwards instead of backwards. It feels like they will spend all their time changing tanks that don’t need changing to begin with while stuff like the T26E5 or T25 which they have promised to change have remained the same for years now.


Best bet would be to submit a bug report with the supporting documentation showing the correct armor lfp visual model and armor scheme.

For the what gives part.

I would assume that gaijin fixes issues that more people have, you talk of the IS-2 i dont have the statisics so this is mostly guess work but i would imagine the IS-2 has far more people playing so they would be more inclined to fix the more popular vehicle. Also sometimes different sources say different things. Then the amount of people who made reports perhaps?

All i am saying is that there could be any number of reasons why it hasnt been addressed it could also be something like Gaijin the snail moves at a snails pace sometimes. Anyways i hope my response has provoked thoughts or brought something new to the table if not then disregard!

I’m not talking about the LFP armor being wrong and needing documentation for a bug report. I’m talking about this:

The armor on the lower plate doesn’t match the visual model because Gaijin changed the armor but didn’t change the visual model. They said that they would eventually fix the visual model but they haven’t and instead have spent the last few years updating the visual models of tanks that genuinely just didn’t need to be updated in the first place.

Ah i understand now. Thank you for the clarification. Base off that reply by Smin1080p you have your answer there. obviously pending rework, but it functions properly, so i would imagine it is a low priority to fix.

Yeah, which is why I’m complaining about the IS-1, IS-2 and IS-2 (1944)s all getting visual updates and fixes all within less than a year of each other, when all of these vehicles were fine BEFORE they even had visual model and armor scheme updates to begin with, when the T26E5 is now approaching 2 years of being in the game and still hasn’t had a visual model fix.

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The damage model isn’t correct either, it has the bulges on both sides like the M26, but this isn’t correct as it can easily be seen on real life pictures that the whole LFP should be flat.
The middle part of the LFP is correct in angling, and the sides should be the same angle.

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I am aware, however Gaijin (as can be seen from Smin’s comment) considers the current armor to be correct and there is nothing we can do about it.

Also, those bulges should not be considered weak spots. They were mounting points for suspension components and did not lead to the inside of the hull.

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afaik the is-1 is-2 lfp only had a dismatched armor model, as i remember the bug report showing it not aligning with the visuals, also the current t26e5 lfp (damage model) shape seems to be copied over from the regular pershing which doesn’t seem right. Edit: I’ve noticed too late that it has been mentioned in this thread already

They copied the overall shape of the M26 LFP, but for some reason the bulges are actually even weaker than just 101.6 mm at 30º (101.6 mm being the documented thickness of the lower plate), as they are 88.9 mm at 30º (refer to this reply I’ve made in the old forums).

Gaijin added a weak-spot that shouldn’t be there, and they made it even weaker for no reason.


We can drown Gaijin with documents on US armor models and they’ll still ignore it. Or respond by remodeling another USSR tank.


To be honest the D-5T T-34 really deserved the remodel, the hull details were entirely incorrect. Similar for the IS-1 and the regular IS-2. Also they were way longer in game, we don’t exactly know when the work on them started

Sitrep 15th November. Both LFP and mantlet still doesn’t fixed