T22E1: Quantity over Quality

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As early as May of 1942, the United States army began a program to replace the M4 sherman medium tank. This program was called “M4X” and called for a medium tank weighing 32 tons, reaching a top speed of 40 kmh, fitting 100mm of armor, and wielding an automatic version of the M3 75mm gun found on the M4. The requirements for this program would eventually change to require the 76mm M1 cannon that would later be found on the up gunned shermans. This modified contract was won by Fisher and resulted in the T20 medium tank which can currently be found in game. Ordinance ordered three pilot vehicles, T20, T20E1, and T20E2 where T20 would fit the 76mm M1 cannon T20E1 would fit the automatic 75mm M3 from the original M4X requirements, and T22E2 would fit the 3 inch gun M7 and torsion bar suspension. Of these T20 was fully completed, T20E1 only had its turret completed, and T20E2 was equipped with the 76mm M1 gun and designated T20E3.

While these pilot vehicles were in their assembly stages, Ordinance contracted Chrysler to build a version of the T20 using the M4 Sherman’s transmission designated T22. Again Ordinance would request three pilot vehicles; T22 fitted with the 76mm M1, T22E1 fitted with the turret from the cancelled T20E1 wielding the automatic 75mm M3.

The automatic 75mm was eventually declined by Ordinance on the grounds of mechanical unreliability and the growing incapability of the 75mm, and the program would eventually result in the M26 Pershing.

This vehicle is very similar to the T20 medium found in game already. It has the exact same hull layout and the exact same engine, the differences come in the transmission and importantly in the turret.

The transmission and engine used in the T22E1 are the same 5 speed synchromesh and 8 cylinder 500hp ford GAN found in the M4A3, offering the vehicle a top forward speed of 25 mph (40kmh).

The biggest difference in between this T20 and T22E1 is the turret.

The T22E1 features the 75mm M3 cannon (complete with the same single-axis stabilizer found in the M4) fed by an autoloader feeding the gun at 20 rounds per minute or a three second reload. The autoloader is fed by two 32 round magazines, one loaded with HE, one with AP, found on either side of the gun. This system completely replaced the loader, reducing the crew to 4 men (gunner, commander, driver, assistant driver).

The vehicles turret featured 3.5 inches (89mm) of armor on the front, and 2.5 (64mm) on the sides and rear.

Although apparently never fitted, the vehicle’s design called for a M2 .50 AA machinegun similar to those fitted on the M4 sherman.

Place in game:
I believe this vehicle would be an interesting inclusion around the 6.0-6.3 range. The 75mm is quite anemic at this BR but with its single-axis stabilizer and quick reload, I think this vehicle could do quite well in an aggressive pseudo-light tank play style.

TLDR specifications:
75mm M3 cannon (M61 APHE 104mm flat pen at 10m, T45 HVAP 139mm flat pen at 10m)
3 second reload
vertical stabilizer
25mph (40kmh) top speed
30.8 tons weight
24 deg/s traverse speed
-10/+15 deg elevation

R.P Hunnicutt Pershing: A history of the medium tank T20 series (1996)
Peter Chamberlain, Christopher Ellis British And American Tanks of World War II (1981)


Yes I love playing the m24 chaffe in Japanese tree at 5.7 but have one question does it have a smoke system of any kind as without it will make it very difficult to use.

I don’t know a single person that does not want this vehicle in the game. The biggest of +1s.

Although I do think the BR you propose is far too high. For all intents and purposes, this tank is an M4A3 75 with a faster reload, and it has the earlier M34 mount which means the turret is weaker. I feel 4.7, 5.0 would be much better fitting.


I think the BR is a little high, but I want this tank in the game for sure! Who could say no to an autoloading Sherman? +1


+1 for novelty but it deviates enough from normal US design that it would better suit as Premium/Event.

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No one knows if it had smoke discharging devices

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Would it have access to smoke shells if no smoke throwers?

I don’t know that’s why I asked.

No smoke mortars are mentioned in either of the sources I used so presumably not, however being the same 75mm gun used on the sherman it should have access to a smoke shell

5.0 seems reasonable.

Can it use APCR tho?

Hmm, no thanks. Not at that BR range with those capabilities.

Any US 75 mm can fire T45, Gaijin cares extremely little if a tank actually did.

T45 was purely experimental and used only inside the US, yet the British Sherman II has it, for example.

From what I can tell pretty much any US 75 mm that sits at 4.0 or higher can fire that round. I’d expect the T22E1 to fire it as well.


This is just such a nonsense from Gaijin to be honest.

If it was only used inside the US, then how can the bri’ish M4 use it, as well the french Jumbo?
Also the brits giving fillerless US APHE for the 75mm, and thus making those tanks unplayable, especially the Churchill 7.

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Dude, it uses a smoke mortar and smoke shells.

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Same M3 cannon as the shermans so in theory yes. Gaijin uses access to APCR as a balancing factor for the shermans but given that t22e1 would probably be at least 5.0 apcr is probably a safe bet


+1 would be cool, a US SAV
Probably put it at 5.7 with the jumbo, trades the armor for the fire rate

I’m thinking around this as well.

Nah, put it in the TT. I would rather the cool prototypes be accessible to everyone as opposed to being paygated. Besides, with how prevalent copy paste is getting, there honestly should be more prototypes in tech trees to make sure that nations have unique vehicles.