T100 "Stinger", prototype in a rare caliber

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Today we will be talking about the experimental T100 tank
Wait a minute… no that’s the wrong one hold up

Here we go the T100…

Here we go, finally, the MGMC T100 “Stinger”
This SPAA was a prototype designed by the US from 1948-1951 and was finished in September 1951, the vehicle itself was based on the T37 Light Tank hull mounting a turret which held 4 T17E5 .60 cal (15.2x114mm) machine guns these MGs as some may know were based on reverse engineered, captured German MG151s, the MGMC T100 was one of the very first SPAA to utilize radar, said radar appears to be the AN/GPG 1(XF-2) with Tracker Radar T9

The T100 in my opinion would make a amazing addition to War Thunder for the US due to their lack of fast firing SPAA especially for the late WW2-Early Post War period as their only option for this category is the open top M16 MGMC, or to use the M19/M42 which while not bad SPAA they can certainly lack ROF to keep up with targets and due to their open top nature are very susceptible to overpressure from large distances, light MG fire(I’ve killed them with the British .50 spotting rifle which is probably the worst “machine gun” in the game) and quick strafing from aircraft that they weren’t able to counter due their low ROF, the T100 however is a enclosed turret which could help to limit these problems however the exact thickness of the armour on the turret is unknown but it would at least block small arms fire and explosive fragments from hitting the crew at the same ranges that would be lethal for the main 3 SPAA for the USA up to 7.7 with the M163 which itself is susceptible to the problems of the M16, M19 and M42 due to being open top.

Armament : 4x T17E5 .60 Cal(15.2x114mm) with 4000rds total 1000rds/gun

  • Muzzle Velocity: 3,500fps/1066.8m/s
  • ROF: 600rpm/gun
  • Traverse: 360°
  • Elevation -10° - +90°

Crew : 3 - Driver, Gunner, and Commander (unsure about if both gunner and commander were loaders would make sense though)

Weight : ~22t, 22,353kg, 49,280lbs

Engine : AOS-895-1 Gasoline engine producing 500hp at 2800rpm(Same as Light Tank) which gives the tank around a ~22.7 Power to weight ratio

Transmission : Allison-GM CD-300-1B(same as T37 Light Tank)

Armour : (same as T37 Light Tank) Upper frontal plate: 25mm @60 deg
Lower frontal plate: 32mm @45 deg
Hull sides: 19-25mm
Hull rear: 19mm

I hope everyone finds this suggestion interesting and to have enough information to be considered for the game!




Images of the gun:


.50 cal vs .60 cal



M42 Duster - the fire dragon
Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, T100 | FirearmCentral Wiki | Fandom
R.P Hunnicutt’s “Sheridan: A History of the American Light Tank Volume 2” page 226


Huge fan of this thing, and the US surely needs more SPAAG options. +1

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I have a little bit of technical information on the ammunition that was being tested for the guns as well if you need it ;).

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I would gladly accept that

Definite yes. The US is desperate for mid BR spaa.

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This is gonna be a pretty big picture dump, so I’m going to spoiler it. I Originally downloaded this doc from the smallarmsoftheworld site.

Caliber 60 Ammunition Info

RoAO R&D Small Arms and Small Arms Ammunition Cover

Screenshot 2023-07-24 133423

Screenshot 2023-07-24 133531

Caliber 60 AP info and table

Caliber 60 Incendiary info and table

Caliber 60 Incendiary info and table 2

Caliber 60 Incendiary info and table 3

Caliber 60 HE+HEI Info

Caliber 60 T19 HE

Caliber 60 HVLW Ammunition

Caliber 60 Tracer info

Caliber 60 T60 API-T Info

Caliber 60 API Info

Caliber 60 API Info 2

Caliber 60 Cart info

Caliber 60 Cart info 2

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Awesome info about the ammo, watch the devs look at it for one second and give it completely different performance once it is added in-game