T-90M's fuel tanks are "external" but stop spalling

It changes it very much for the Abrams which has the plate modeled.

Again, in this case it’s not behind a thick plate of steel, which on itself creates spall, the fuel tank of Abrams doesnt create spall, but eats spall from the hull, the steel plate makes some.
It can also catch rounds like 3BM42 that have gone through fuel tank, with fuel tank being able to absorb rounds as well.
Either placing it outside of crew compartment behind a steel plate, or making it self sealing with special filler to help.

It is modeled. Its just modeled as less than 17 mm of structural steel and therefore doesn’t spall. Itd probably 6mm structural steel, same as the carousel armor box, but you would need a model viewer to figure out the exact nature of the fuel tank.

If it was 4mm of armor steel it would spall just fine

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What was typed here before was related to steel guarding the autoloader, IDK why i thought of kt.
Cant delete my reply for soms reason.

This is modeled and produces spall.

There is no plate between the driver / fuel tank.

No it doesn’t. 6mm structural steel does not spall when it by a dart. Same goes for 15mm structural steel.

If you want to see what plate is there you will need to use a model viewer.

Could possibly be there is none, but if there was its likely a 6mm plate like all the internal non-armor metal sheets and boxes inside soviet carousel tanks

The armor plate you referenced produces spalling. You can view this ingame.

The T-90M has spall liners, the M1A2 SEPv2 doesn’t.


There are no spall liners modeled between the driver and the fuel tanks.

Because the fuel tanks are separated from the crew?

There are a myriad of spall liners all over the interior of the T-90M, especially between the driver and fuel tanks.

This is not modeled ingame.

Yeah no it most definitely isn’t…

That’s on the other side of the fuel tank, not between the fuel tank and the driver.

You can also shoot under that spall liner and the fuel tank will still absorb spall as if it’s internal despite being labeled “external”.

That’s very clearly molded around the fuel tank.

Both external and internal fuel tanks will not produce spall. The only reason why it does in the Abrams is because every tank is separated from the crew by bulkheads.

If you shoot at a Type-10 or Leclerc, there is no spall through the fuel tank due to a lack of bulkhead following it.
The same happens with Russian / Soviet tanks, and especially the T-90, where the fuel tank is behind a spall liner.

You can view in x-ray that there is no spall liner between the driver and the fuel tank.

Because there’s a 40mm steel plate outside of the Abram’s; without a spall liner, which resets spall, and makes a massive cone.

For the Leclerc’s internal fuel tank yes, not for the external fuel tanks on the side. They are also separated by a very thing sheet of metal but produce regular amount of spall after the round passes through said metal.

You see in the screenshot the spall liner conforming around the tank, right?

You can also see the fuel tank labelled under the same color as the spall liner, right?

You can clearly see a spall liner between the driver and fuel tank, right?

At this point it’s just blatant denialism.

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