T-90M's Ammo reck behind turret will detonate all ammo inside the tank

More than 1 time i got shot in the ammo at the back of the turret from the side and all my ammo burned out but no crew injured. How is the so called ammo outside the tank cost chain reaction to all the ammo inside the tank instantly but no one is hurt, please fix the ammoreck problem.

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I would recommend to only bring in 23 (22 in the carousel and 1 loaded or whatever can fit in the autoloader +1 for other autoloader tanks with 5-10 in i usually double it.) you don’t need more than that…on top of that your are giving an even easier kill to the enemy. I have seen recently many T-80 players bring in full ammo or near full and on turret shot, they blow up as they have ammo in the turret back or side.
this amount of ammo is the same for all T-64/72/80/90 and Sprut (2S25) tanks