What is this tank for?? I don’t see any advantages over the T-80BVM. It’s worse in everything, slower top speed, abismal reverse speed, same gun, longer reload, the list goes on. So my question is, what’s the point of playing it?


Shooting things I’d assume.

Because it isn’t a T-80, it’s an alternative to the T-72 series.

Protection, systems/sensors, wide-angle survivability, so on.

It’s a T-90M.


So there’s no point. Thanks


If you’d like to see it that way, sure. Enjoy the T-90A and T-72B3.


Challenge yourself with no reverse speed, if you somehow managed to have good KDR in it then you can brag because this is probably the hardest tank to do well in terms of KDR, and then you can use it to mock Abrams or Leopard 2 mains telling them they had it easy lol


Foolproof plan, glorious bragging rights

i’ve just killed a t90m easily, no advantages whatsoever, it gets LWS and spall liners

Better armor and highly survivable from the front if that counts. But with that transmission and reload it ain’t really worth it.

T-90M has far more armor than BVM, and is the 2nd/3rd most armored tank in the game behind some Leopard 2s, combining the 3 Strf 122s into one tank.


And yet I get one shot from the front all the time… But Strvs always need two shots.

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Strvs can also easily be 1-shot from the front, much like the T-90M. It all depends on shot placement within the weak spot.

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To be fair, it is quite a challenge. A lot harder to do than it is with the T-90M.

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Rather then challenge its based on RNG actually.

It has this:

And spall liners

Ok buddy, the spall liner does nothing in this tank…

Russian technologie, don’t leave before saying LONG LIVE THE MOTHERLAND!

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And your picture there looks a lot like a fuel tank. I’m no expert, but I think toplivovij vak is just that, a fuel tank.

explosion-proof fuel tank

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