Hello gaijins workers why T-90M proryv-3 doesn have 5 seconds reload when irl it have, why proryv doesn’t have aps sistem when it have it and why proryv dont have a version of battery on its lower left side where box are losated why there proryv dont have battery when engine is turned off to get electronics up? Why??!https://youtu.be/8LsBbQOL0JY?si=4MoeWlYQwKc_wf1H All informations on link here

Animations aren’t evidence.

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Watch a real Proryv loading, 7 seconds. I can’t see much difference on T-90M (2014) to the latest modifications, but if you got any real information and IF this reload animation is accurate, you should send it to Community Bug Reporting System and not on the forum because you’re most wasting your time.

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Yeah i need some source for that buddy, anything aside from that animation vid lol

Some T-90M are equipped with Arena APS but none were accepted into service or fitted on an active duty T-90M, also Shtora APS would be useless against modern ATGM anyway.

All tank used power from battery pack when their engine got destroyed or turned off so idk what are u on about here?

This isn’t necessarily true. In the case of the Abrams for example… the tank will run on batteries for a short time after engine is out… but most models do not have an APU and only one specific model has “auxiliary” batteries (SEPV2). These batteries allow for the tank to run its’ systems for an extended period of time without use of an APU or running the engine.

In any case, you’re correct… tanks should run 8+ hours on their batteries depending on which specific tank and such. Even after engine is out. Now… I doubt most modern MBT’s batteries or wiring harness is going to be intact after the engine is disabled.

No, the actual loading time should be 7 secs, that 5 secs the theoritical, aside from the only footage shows 3 rounds in 13 secs, even the catalouge for T-90M/MS promotion stated that they should fire 1 round every 6.7-7,1 secs

Man this is funny af