T-90M vs HSTVL

T-90M 11.7 vs HSTVL 11.3

Tell me Gaijin what is the way to defeat T-90M when I am playing HSTVL??

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Idfk spawn CAS or something

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Not every vehicle should be able to kill every vehicle. Some of the autocannons killing tanks is already ridiculous.

Even from behind or the sides?

HSTV-L’s round has been underperforming for some time and it’s BR is too high.


shoot it lower side armor or lower plate and it goes boom how do i know that bcs hstvl penned me many times from front and sides

Good day, today I had a situation like this I shoot at the side of a T-90M with HSTVL and the bullets fly through without doing anything inside and destroying the caterpillar on the other side I fired 4 or even 5 shots each time either the caterpillar or only hit. how can I destroy it in this case.

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