T-90M or Leopard 2a7

Which is worth it the T-90M or the Leopard 2a7 im trying to decide which on to grind for

Leopard 2A7 by far. Its pretty much the best MBT in top tier apart from the Strv 122B+. Its armor, speed and weapons makes it just OP.


on top tier german and sweden mbt’s wipes every other mbt.

Sweden>Germany>USA or USSR (what is your preference). Forgot bout Japan

Both MBTs work in diffrent situations, T90M has more consitent armour and 2A7V has better mobility
/ firepower. If you are good you can make both work very well, generally 2A7V is seen as being the better tank but you have worse CAS, SPAA and CAP capabilites than russia at 11.7 - 12.7. Though as of a recent nerf its a lot easier to die in leos, especially if you dont have spall liners.

USSR has the best tip tier line up. Others are not even close

Overall 100%, but if you are only going to play tanks they have some competition. Russia gets BVM, T90M, T72B3 and T80U (UK and UM2 if you count those). Germany gets 2x 2a5, 2a6 and 2A7V which are all very solid, Sweden gets 3x Strv122 and 2A6. Japan are also rather solid with 2x Type 10, 2x type 90 and TKX (P).

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T-90M has an amazing and plentiful lineup, Leo 2A7 has outright performance.