T-80UD General Discussion

I might be wrong but isnt the T-80UD basically a T-80u/T-80UKjust with a 6 cylinder 1000hp diesl engine?
(if so shouldnt it recive 3BM46 and thermals and be at 11.0 min?)


The T-80U historically did not (generally) have thermals.

The in-game Russian T-80U is one that represents the model offered to Sweden, this model was modified to use AGAVA thermals.

The T-80UD isn’t a modification of this rare example, so it doesn’t have thermal sights.
It also doesn’t have the -11 km/h reverse speed of other T-80’s nor have access to 3BM-46.

I’d personally like to see it at 10.3 rather than 10.0, but that’s me speaking without having actually played it.


More like a T-64B with 1000HP though.

  • I’ts used diesel, being labled as “diesel engine” in WT mean less, far less torque then the turbine.
  • Same transmission on T-64B so drive feeling and reverse speed is horendous (although forward qutie good).
  • No thermal.
  • Being a 10.0 mean no 3BM46 for now, if they added 3BM60 then nothing can balance it.
    Not even in TT and being GE mean less chane being a victim of wallet warrior.
    Gaijin placed it as premium because they think most people who want this version is a “fan” of it and T-80UD is one of the most well known T-80 variant so that someone may spent GE for it.
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why it has a ussr icon instead of an Ukrainian flag on the icon?

Because it’s a Soviet tank?

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Btr-80 is soviet too but has rusian flag
T-80ud were made in Kharkov and main operator is Ukraine

It isn’t.
We have the BTR-80A, that’s a 1993 vehicle and is therefore a Russian vehicle.

If the vehicle has a Russian flag instead of Soviet, it’s an indication that the vehicle dated to the post-Soviet era.

As were T-64B’s, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union at that time.
The T-80UD is a Soviet tank.


From what ive read online is that the ukrain bought T-80U/T-80Uk and swapped the engieso indeed it prolly should have the Ukrainian flag

So your source is wrong.
It was designed, ordered and deployed by the Soviet.


BTR-80A was designed in 1994 after the collapse of USSR so a Russian flag is appropriate.

So please check your source twice before leading to a conclusion
T-80ud was designed in mid-1980s and was adopted by the USSR Army. It shared some components with T-80U because the two designer teams cooperated together for a short period of time, and both designs were based on the T-80. The largest user of T-80UD isn’t Ukraine either: either Pakistan or Russia once operated hundreds of T-80UD within their fleet while Ukraine’s T-80UD in service hardly exceeded 100.

T-80UD is like an ugly duckling of 10.0-10.3 soviet TT

  1. Doesn’t have the mobility of T-80B
  2. Doesn’t have the armor of T-72B(1989)
  3. It Doesn’t even have thermals…
    So you wouldn’t be on point in time, can’t tank anything and can’t even find some bush players…
    IMHO it’s really low punch for grabbing money from soviet mains

You are overlooking T-80UD advantages like:

  1. 6.5s reload, 9% faster than any other T-series tanks (excluding Obj. 292) between 9.7 and 10.7.

  2. Improved optics (X12) over the rest of T-72/80s (8X and 9X) and commander override (not present in the TT until 10.7 with the T-90A)

  3. Best side ERA coverage between 9.7 and 10.7

  4. 20% more horsepower than T-72Bs.


Brother, when you’re playin against tanks with 6 sec realoads and less, it doesn’t really matter 6.5 or 7.1
Impovment of x12 over x8 and x9 doesn’t give that much if any
all that is left is side ERA and 20% more horsepower and you will get it only for small price of 9.7k GE

T-80B is 10.3, not 10.0
T-80B also has VASTLY inferior armour.

T-80UD currently has better armour than a T-72B '89.

Meanwhile, the T-80UD also reloads faster, has better acceleration, better optics and faster hull traverse.

Just like the T-72B or T-72B '89.

Doesn’t the USSR tech tree already have two premium ground vehicles at 10.0?

Gaiijoob is basically fueling the “soviet wallet warrior” stereotype at this point…

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you know what? i would trade this T-80UD for Bhishma anyday
It was a standart issue soviet tank, not some unique batalion or small number vehicle, there were 800 of them made, not 150 planned like with challenger 3 wich we have in GB TT

i would love it, if it was true, brother, T-72’89 have 60+60+50 UFP and 60 LFP, while T-80UD have 50+35+50 UFP and 50 LFP, so in wich universe does it have better armor? even the turret is better on T-72’89

I guess you are reffering to tanks with ACE reload speed of 6 sec?
The great majority has 6,4 sec at best which is achieved with 150 expert crew.
7.1 or 6.5 certainly does matter

i’m talking about the most popular tanks atm at this BR bracket, wich are Leopard 2a4(6 sec at ace crew with max reloader and commader), M1 Abrams 5 sec, Challenger 2 5 sec, CV90105 5 sec and Type 90 4 sec