T-80UD being odd for a premium at 10.0

honestly, I don’t see how it is a good choice for T-80UD to sit at 10.0 with no thermals and -4 reverse, those are the main problems that makes it impared as a prem, and also, its armor would be too strong for 10.0, but lack of 3BM46, thermals, and manuvre makes it awkward at 10.3 or above (I know about the Swedish T80U, but that thing has thermals and better reverse), so the most rational choice as I see is to give it 3BM46 and thermals and move this thing to 10.7/11.0

can’t do that comrade
walletstrike update needs to make the 10.0/10.3 br more busted for the special need nation


What? I thought the no reverse gear was a T-72 thing. didn’t know T-80 got infected too.

The T-80UD was equipped with a 1000HP diesel engine, not the 1250HP gas turbine on the other T-80s, so it had to change the transmission type and with it comes the -4 reverse problem


Huh? Have i missed T-80UD devblog?

No. It’s a GE premium.

10.0 is highly appealing ngl

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10.3/10.7 is fine for it. Armor and firepower of a T-80U should be more than enough to justify the placement. We have centurions at 9.0/9.3 that should absolutely not have to face this thing.

It doesn’t have 3BM46, only 3BM42.

It’s a T-80U without the ammunition, thermals, reverse, horsepower or acceleration.

The only strong points are reload, optics and armour. It’s basically suitable for sniping.

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10.7 will be too much, unless you give it 3BM60, can’t imagine another 10.7 that is worse than the T-90A which has all the gadgets like thermals and good-ass sight zoom.

3BM42 at 10.0 is extremely good for an MBT. Nato tanks have to deal with 410mm pen or less.

Ariete tanks at 11.3 with zero armor and worse mobility than the T-80U. I don’t see why the Russian tanks need this kind of favouring when other nations get shafted.

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It’s just a premium T-72B with a different profile.

Why? It’s a middle of the road 10.0.

lol No way no how.
Its equivalents are all at 10.0.
Even Type 96A, a better tank than it, is 10.0.

100 meters 60 degree pen:
M60 120S: 690mm
AMBT: 670mm, 3BM60 equivalent.
Challenger Mk2: 456mm.
As for the 10.3 MBTs that they’ll face every match:
Ariete: 552mm.
Vickers Mk7 and Chally Mk3: 542mm.
Bhishma: 524mm. With thermals and better armor…
Oh and China that faces Soviets as well…
Type 96A has 536mm of pen.

All of these tanks have thermals, good gun laying, and half have better mobility.
T-80UD has no thermals, sub-par gun laying, and sub-par mobility.
It’s bonuses are an above average round penning 524mm at 100mm 60 degrees, and armor. That’s it.
T-80UD is a Chieftain Mk10 with hull armor and speed. Or a slightly slower Khalid with armor. Obviously better rounds than both.


AMBT is a very rare tank and definetly not what you should be comparing with. I also don’t understand where your numbers are coming from, because this is not stat card values. Most of the direct opponents of the T-80UD are 10.3, so it should share that br. All of the tanks have their tradeoffs, but only the Russian and Chinese tanks have a br of 10.0.

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Those are the stat-card values.

No, all 10.3s outside arguably Leopard 2A4 is superior to T-80UD.

Dude, stop calling the WT community trolls; The WT community isn’t trolling you, we never have.
I don’t know what you have against NATO players…
Not even sure why you’re posting that Challenger 1 has better mobility. It doesn’t.
You defend the Soviets harder than anyone else on the forum.

Also M829A1, a notably worse round than DM53, pens T-80UD at 2km.


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If its just T-80U without 3BM42 and worse mobility at 10.0 then its gonna be fine addition to my 10.0 lineup.

I might even finish russian ground tree this way.

It could be a better T-72B/1989 with better reload and gunsight.
However it would be disastrous for users of T-80UD to face Nato tanks with superior firing rate and mobility, as well as reverse speed, depression angle and thermal sights.
The only advantage for T-80UD and most Russian tanks at this br is armour, but they can hardly fire back at their Nato colleagues lol.

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grass is always greener on the other side…

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Swedish T80u has only 3BM42 too at 11.0, its essentially the same tank with a -10kmh reverse speed or something close to that and termals
Doubt that its enough for a whole br difference though

Is it a worse T-80B or a better T-72B '89?

It’s using a 1000bhp HPZ 6TD-1 Diesel engine as opposed to the T-80Us GTD-1250 1250bhp Gas Turbine.

It’s not the same as a T-80U.